Best 14 Person Tent

We tested 4 products and found Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent to be the best 14-person tent.

From years of camping experience, we have always struggled with tent space. It isn’t often you can fit all your gear in the same area and still have a place for kids to play.

The Ozark Trail Base Camp deals with this in spades and offers more than enough space for gear and the largest of families.

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You can find out if this tent has any real competition in our reviews or it is a one-off and the only viable solution. (Learn About the Different Types of Camping Tents)

Quick Overview

  • Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent – Largest tent to deliver space for every camper staying inside the tent.
  • Tahoe Gear Ozark 3-Season – Great family-sized tent with screen room for lounging or gear storage.
  • Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent – One of the fastest erecting tents you can find of any size.
  • CAMPROS Tent-14-Person-Camping-Tents – Large tent suited to families who need space.

4 Best 14 Person Tents

1. Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent – Best Overall

You will discover this is an incredible tent and offers 4 separate rooms, 4 doors, and an entry and exit point per room. With this, there is plenty of light from the 12 windows.

For separation, in the cabin tent Ozark Trail Base Station, there are built-in dividers to give 4 rooms, and the dividers are sewn into the walls, and all have central zippers for the utmost privacy.

With a guide price of a little over $300, this is one enormous tent that can cater to any large family or gathering where there are lots of people and gear.

Dimensions are 20 x 20 feet, and the entire tent is cross-shaped. There is a central height of 78-inches, so you don’t need to stoop.

  • You can fit 5 queen air mattresses for comfort and still leave space for activities.
  • The tent comes with an e port to connect appliances and devices.
  • The tents weight is 47.96 lb, and although it appears heavy, there is a lot of tent here.
  • Setup time is around 20 minutes.
  • The tent is 2-3 season and comes with taped fly seams to stop leaks.

The Ozark Trail 14-person instant tent is a great tent for a large family. There is no reason anyone has to feel cramped as there is more than enough space to divide areas into gear, eat, play, and sleep.

If you need the space, then the 14-person cabin tent Ozark fits the bill as it can easily act as a base and still leave ample space for activities.

2. Tahoe Gear Ozark 3-Season – Best Family Cabin Tent

You will see this is a large practical tent made from durable materials and comes from a top name in tent making. It is ideal for groups or large families who want extra space. Although large, it is quick to assemble with the shock-corded poles and the pin-and-ring system.

With a guide price of just under $260, this tent offers many features that can make family camping easy and enjoyable. (Learn What Primitive Camping Gear You Need)

  • The family cabin tent has a 1200mm polyester fly that has taped seams. The cover extends over the door to offer extra cover.
  • The multi-person tent has flooring made from durable polyethylene.
  • Ventilation is well catered for as there is an open mesh design, and there are additional floor vents for cross ventilation.
  • Interior height is more than sufficient for the tallest of individuals at 7-feet in the camping tent’s center.

If you want extra space and are not too concerned about too many room dividers, then the Tahoe Gear can fit your needs and still include a screen room for sitting or children’s activities. The tent is also suitable for new campers who need

3. Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent – Best Small Family Tent

The Core 9-person tent offers a near-instant setup for a big tent and is erected in 60 seconds. The tent poles are pre-attached in durable construction, so all you need is to unpack, unfold, and get your tent erection going.

Besides this, you get the Core H20 Block Technology, which offers some of the best water repellency by active bead technology for faster water runoff.

With a guide price of just over $260, you get a high-performance tent that can cater to the most active family.

  • You can fit 2 queen-size air mattress.
  • For full rain resistance from the Durable 68D Polyester, you get sealed seams and a rain-resistant door and windows. The fully-taped rainfly can be removed when the weather is warm for added ventilation.
  • You get advanced mesh venting and can use the adjustable air intake to draw in cool air from the ground as warm air rises upward.
  • The size of the tent is 14 feet by 9 feet and has a height of 78 inches.
  • There are privacy panels on doors, and the entry is double-sized to offer easy entry. You also have windows on all sides.
  • All around the tent are convenient storage pockets, and the included room divider can create a two-room tent with living space and sleeping spaces. Floor space toward the one end isn’t affected and can accommodate daily activities.

If you need a family camping tent and are new to the experience, then this easy setup can make your camping trip experience much better until you get the hang of it all.

You get enough features for keeping cool, an electrical extension cord access port, and a convenient carry bag to carry your tent in.

4. CAMPROS Tent-14-Person-Camping-Tents – Best Tent Under $300

The Campros tent offers a central main entrance comprising 2 mesh doors. The camping tent measures 20 x 9 feet and a center height of 72 inches, so only the tallest adults need to bend a little.

The huge, durable construction is made from 185T polyester and with a 1000mm polyurethane hydrostatic rated high-tech coating. It delivers PU1000mm water resistance and can remain dry under light rain.

With a guide price of just under $220, you get a decent-sized tent that can cater to numerous people with easy access.

  • You don’t need setting up skills as it takes three people 10 minutes to assemble.
  • The huge tent folds down to the size of a sleeping bag.
  • The Campros camping tent has 6 mesh windows and a mesh roof to let hot air escape and keep bugs out.
  • The room dividers act as a projection screen for kids’ movies
  • Packed away, the tent weighs 24.3 pounds, so it is easy to carry.
  • You have an unconditional 1-year quality assurance.

The 3 season tent is perfect for large families that need three rooms once the tent has been assembled. It offers more than enough room, and each end converts into a room to leave the central area free.

If you need lots of windows plus lots of space for gear, then this multiple-person tent has enough for your family.

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14 Person Tent Buying guide

When you want multi-room camping tents, there are things to know. Here’s a rundown of key areas.

Waterproofing & Durability

With individuals walking in and out of your tent all day, besides sleeping and storing tons of gear, you need a tent that is waterproof and durable.

Tent construction needs to be from high-quality materials and come with added construction features such as reinforced floors, strong two-way zippers, reinforced windows, and other measures to maintain your tent in good condition no matter how much use it has.

To offer more protection, it is advisable to lay a secondary tarp or groundsheet as protection against stones or objects. Some of the best tents will allow you the space to take off shoes and footwear in a separate area before you enter the rooms where you’ll sleep.

Doors and Windows

With so many campers, you may need to create 4 separate rooms as a minimum. However, through many tents, not all offer this, and you can get three rooms or less.

One door for one room is ideal as this allows campers to come and go as they please. The middle of the night being a good example as they don’t have to step over anyone. Most tents have dividers, and if configured wrong, it can lead to issues.

Also, your tent should have windows in each room for enhanced airflow and cooling. It is this reason many have a fly that can be removed to avoid condensation buildup on the roof of the tent. (Read What is Car Camping)


Any camping tent needs to be easy to assemble, and once you start looking at these large tents, it can take a while and use several people.

Even when a company says they are easy to erect, tents can take a lot of work. Luckily, these larger tents are now not much harder than smaller tents to assemble once you have extra help.

Easy-setup systems can be bulkier and take up more storage space than traditional setup tents in some cases. When comparing the size and weight of these tents to find the one that best suits your camping needs, keep that in mind.

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What’s the bottom line?

It was an easy choice to pick a winner here as the Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent easily caters to many individuals. With each room acting like a separate tent and everyone having their own room, it really makes any camping trip comfortable and most of all accessible.

The 3-season tent easily deals with the roughest weather and offers lots of space for gear and wet footwear without affecting the rest of the tent space.

For the ideal 14-person tent, there is nothing that comes close to the Ozark Trail Base Camp 14 person tents.

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