Best Camping Coffee Maker

We tested 5 products and found Wacaco Minipresso GR to be the best camping coffee makers. For years, we have tried every which way to make the best coffee.

However, it’s been the same method of a pot on a fire or stove and pour into cups for years.

With bits stuck between teeth, we saw a change, and technology has finally caught up with the Wacacao MiniPresso.

maroon coffee maker

All you need to do is add coffee ground and boiling water, then pump. It is one of the best coffee makers for a quick cup that can please any coffee drinkers during a hike or the day.

Drinking coffee when camping is one of the most enjoyable things, so here, you can find more about alternatives or the above as a means of delivering the best cup of coffee for coffee connoisseurs when hiking or camping. (Learn How to Make Coffee While Camping)

Quick Overview

  • Wacaco Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine – Great device for a single cup of hot Espresso
  • ROMAUNT All In One Portable Manual Grind Brew Coffee Maker – Wonderful option if you love the taste of freshly ground coffee beans.
  • KOHIPRESS French Press Coffee Maker – A no-frills device that makes your coffee and keeps it hot in the insulated coffee mug
  • The AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker – A long time favorite that can make multiple cups of coffee per pressing
  • Presto 02835 MyJo Single Cup – If you want a single cup, there’s not much to beat the MyJo and your favorite coffee capsules

5 Best Camping Coffee Makers

Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine

1. Wacaco Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine – Best Overall Coffee Makers

The Wacaco Minipresso is available in many models, yet the purpose is to make espresso shots. The Wacaco Minipresso is a tool that contains everything besides your ground coffee and water.

Bring ground coffee or take a manual coffee grinder and beans for a fresher taste. You don’t need to measure, as all the parts are set to exact quantities.

The Wacaco is light and weighs 0.75 of a pound. It delivers one and a half shots of espresso, so it could be on the small side if you want a real boost or a couple of you.

  • To make the best coffee shots, you don’t need batteries or electricity; it is all done by easy-to-use manual operation.
  • The Minipresso is compact, lightweight, and versatile. You can use any variety of coffee beans or roast for a full taste experience.
  • You can increase your cup size with addons to your camp coffee espresso machine for authentic espresso anywhere.
  • The device is simple to operate, and all you do is use the measuring scoop, tamp the coffee and add boiling water to the tank. You get an 8 bar, 116 psi espresso machine in the palm of your hand.
  • If you’re not pleased with your purchase’s performance, you have full backup from the Wacaco 30 day warranty for refund or replacement.

The Wacaco can be the best backpacking coffee maker for single shots or for anyone who upgrades their portable Espresso machine.

It comes with a guide price of just under $50, yet if you want coffee that tastes the same every time, there isn’t another camping coffee machine that delivers as consistently as your Wacaco brew buddy in your backpack. (Learn How to Boil Water While Camping)

All In One Portable Manual Grind Brew Coffee Maker (1)

2. ROMAUNT All In One Portable Manual Grind Brew Coffee Maker – Best All-Round Camping Coffee Maker

The Romaunt is a convenient device that offers a 4-in-1 machine solution. It comprises a burr grinder, brewer, filter, and two mugs in one conveniently sized package.

It is less than the size of a thermos and weighs 1.3 pounds, thus making it ideal for keeping your favorite cup of coffee handy when on the go.

It may be pricey, with a guide price of just under $160, but if you enjoy coffee, you’ll appreciate what this all-in-one coffee machine provides.

  • The machine is fast, and you can grind the 24 grams of coffee and have it brewing in less than 2-minutes.
  • You can control the water temperature from 195 to 215 degrees Fahrenheit). Also, you can adjust the pour rate over your coffee.
  • The camping coffee machine comes with marks for 120ml and 240ml. Heat your water and get ready to grind.
  • You can use the device anywhere and tailor the grounds to fine or coarse, depending on how you and your coffee brew buddy like their coffee.
  • It can also be used to steep loose leaf tea.

Anyone who appreciates good coffee will know that freshly ground beans deliver the ideal taste. This is far more than camping coffee, and this compact machine will deliver the closest you get to that real home or coffee shop taste while in the great outdoors.

KOHIPRESS French Press Coffee Maker

3. KOHIPRESS French Press Coffee Maker – Best Value French Press

Using this device was a treat as it is two devices in one. It is both a camping French press and a vacuum-insulated thermos all-in-one.

It is fully reusable and can hold a decent 12 oz of good coffee. The device is durable and offers a leak-proof lid, so tossing it in your backpack after making your brew isn’t an issue.

It takes three minutes after adding hot water and coffee before you plunge. With a guide price of less than $30, this is a fantastic way to make multiple cups of coffee and keep them hot on the campsite.

  • The device uses air pressure to reduce brewing time and to reduce acidity levels.
  • The French press is light at just 13 oz. in weight before you add water and coffee.
  • You can make hot or cold brew in seconds with smart filtration and a simple pressurized immersion system.
  • The thermos comprises a double-wall of insulated Steel. It is durable to take knocks and keep hot and cold drinks hotter or cooler for longer.
  • The steel mesh filter in the French press travel mug keeps fresh coffee grounds separated from your coffee. This way, there won’t be any surprising bits of coffee, and you can savor every drop.
  • With a leak-proof flip-top drink spout, you can seal in the freshness as you drink throughout the day.


Anyone who loves to drink coffee through the day rather than a one-shot in the morning will grow to love this lightweight camp, coffee maker. You won’t need camp stoves, though you will need a way to boil your water to add to this coffee percolator made of stainless steel.

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker (1)

4. The AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker – Best Lightweight Camping Coffee Maker

The AeroPress Coffee Maker is light, quick, and efficient and makes a delicious cup of coffee. If your goal is to make the best cup of coffee possible in the backcountry, then the AeroPress Coffee Maker may be the device for you.

It’s a solid all-around performer, which can deliver better results than many home coffee machines, and is a huge step away from instant coffee. You can even use the device for making espresso.

With a guide price just below $30, it is affordable enough to ensure you have great-tasting coffee wherever you go.

  • The AeroPress brews a cup of coffee in under two minutes once you have hot water.
  • You can pour a single cup and let other campers choose their desired strength in the next press.
  • The AeroPress can only make one cup, so you will need to take it in turns if there is a group.
  • The AeroPress weighs 9.5 ounces fully loaded to take up too much weight for ultralight backpackers. You can leave out some parts to reduce weight without affecting the quality of your coffee.
  • You can easily make coffee consistently time after time once you are accustomed to the brewing process.

Anyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee and the odd cup of espresso may find this the ideal device among the best coffee makers for camping that don’t need conventional coffee filters.

Coffee lovers who hate the bits will find the small micro paper filters a blessing as they press the coffee.

Presto 02835 MyJo Single Cup

5. Presto 02835 MyJo Single Cup – Best Coffee Maker for One

Using the MyJo, you have the ease of a single-cup coffee maker yet leaving the high price tag behind.

With a rough price of a little under $20, it is a highly affordable option for campers not in groups. The small size enables you to take it wherever you go besides camping.

  • All you have to do is fill the tank with hot water or fill and heat it in a microwave.
  • Assemble the camping coffee machine and drop in a K-Cup coffee pack in the base. Add the water reservoir and pump to brew.
  • The MyJo doesn’t come with a drinking cup, so you need one of these that the device fits onto.
  • The device’s small size and light weight let you drop it easily in your backpack and be ready to make your morning coffee when camping.
  • There is no need for a paper filter as this is cared for by the product and the K Cup.
  • All you need to do is add heated water and use the handy pump of the coffee press to deliver fresh tasting coffee.

The MyJo is perfect for any camper who doesn’t want the mess of coffee grounds. The K-Cup can deliver your favorite brew. However, if you follow no trace camping, you’ll need to deal with the small coffee capsules that need disposing of.

woman having coffee

Best Camping Coffee Maker Buying guide

There are many options for the best camping coffee maker when people go camping; they want coffee to taste as it does at home. Achieving this goal may appear hard, yet it is possible. Campers, however, need to consider what they need from their campfire coffee station.


The coffee machine should work quickly. Many things seem to take longer when camping, yet with coffee, it isn’t acceptable. You need a quick device, yet it delivers the rich-tasting brew coffee you crave from coffee grounds.


The coffee machine has to deliver consistent results pot after pot. People tend to be wary every time they remove their coffee if they don’t get what they expected from their camping coffee machine and brewing method.

It is best to purchase your own beans and grind them fresh using a travel coffee grinder consistency.


Furthermore, the coffee machine should be long-lasting. The great outdoors can be a challenging environment. Your appliance may topple. It may be kicked. It could even be hidden beneath a pile of other camping gear. This means the coffee maker must be able to take a beating.


Finally, the coffee machine’s size is important. There can be many individuals keen on their coffee. Ensure the appliance can make coffee for a large group or deliver single cups quickly.

Precautions of Camp Coffee Makers

Energy Sources

Every camp coffee machine is powered by a different source. Some use electricity, others propane, and some need hot water added.  When working with any fuel, be careful and exercise caution.


Some camping coffee machines make one cup at a time, while others make many. When selecting the best camping coffee maker, pick one that meets your needs.

Don’t buy a single-serve machine to supply coffee for several people. Likewise, you don’t want to rig up a large machine to make one cup.


The coffee or the water will be steaming hot. Don’t touch a surface that could be hot, or purchase an insulated device and designed to be handled.


Many coffee makers only deliver one type of coffee brewing process. You will need alternative camping coffee makers if you want another type of coffee. There is a difference between a travel French press, a camping espresso maker, or pour-over drip coffee makers.

What’s the bottom line?

After running through all the tests, it was easy to see for the best tasting cup of coffee, the Wacaco Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine, would come out on top.

For any coffee lover, there isn’t a better way to obtain premium tasting coffee without using a stovetop. It is almost foolproof so long as you add the right amount of coffee grounds.

When making your morning Espresso, you can pump hard, and you can pump soft; by the end, you’ll have the best tasting coffee that would make car campers envious. It is a far step away from cowboy coffee and much easier to make.

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