10 Campfire Drinking Games

Drinking games are a great way to unwind while also bonding with your camping companions. Camping drinking games are fun for all ages and in virtually any scenario. This game is not just for high school parties and college dorms.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy when camping that will make your time in the bush fly by. Although canoeing, cornhole, and frisbee are all enjoyable activities, there’s no reason why people on camping excursions can’t have a good time playing fun games, drinking alcoholic beverages, and generally having a good time.

A better way to unwind with a few drinks is by playing games around the campfire. Check out some of these favorite campfire games for adults and have a good time with some memorable laughs. (Read Where Can I Leave My Car Overnight)

campers on campfire

1. Pong with a beer

Beer pong is undoubtedly one of the most well-known drinking games and best campfire games globally, having appeared in nearly every coming-of-age film and being ubiquitous on college campuses. This traditional and classic game will keep you and your camping companions entertained for hours. A big flat surface, such as a picnic table, is all that is required to set up beer pong at a campsite.

Aside from that, all you’ll need is a box of plastic drinking cups (traditionally red solo cups), some ping pong balls, and plenty of beer. If you don’t like beer, you can substitute any other beverage of your choice.

You should set up ten plastic cups at either end of a long table or surface for a game of beer pong at your campsite. Fill each cup halfway with beer. Arrange the cups in a bowling pin pattern, pointing in the direction of your chosen opponent. Beer pong can be played- on one with two teams, making it a fun game for any size gathering.

The very goal is to throw a ping pong ball into one of the cups on the opposite side of the table with one or two players per team. When you do, the opposing team must drink the beer and take the cup away. (Read Shelf Life Of Aloe Vera Gel)

Offer a variety of beverages in the plastic solo cups to spice up this classic party game. This gives beer pong a small Russian roulette twist, as one person can fill and arrange the drinks so that the rest of the players have no idea which cup holds which drink.

You can use whatever you have on your hand, including beer, wine, spirits, and soft drinks. This variation on traditional beer pong can make the game much more intense and entertaining.

2. Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever is another enjoyable game that many people may recall from their high school days. In this game, you never know what secrets will be disclosed. Thus it’s a terrific opportunity to get to know your pals better.

All you need to play this outdoor game are a few eager participants and some alcoholic beverages of your choosing. You can choose how thrilling the game will be by taking a sip or a shot when it’s time to drink.

flip cups

3. Flip Cup

This entertaining classic drinking game is an excellent team-building activity and a great addition to any campsite. Return to the picnic table with your camping buddies for a fast-paced and entertaining game known as taps or canoe.

Only one person on each team, facing each other across the table, chugs their beer and the tips of the cup over on the edge of the table, attempting to flip it over right-side up. After they’ve completed that, the next person has their turn. The winning team is the first to complete the relay. After a couple of games, everyone should be feeling it.

Flip cup is the best camping drinking game since it is high-energy and fast-paced, making it great outdoors. You’ll need two different teams of at least three people, a pack of solo cups, and alcohol to play flip cup. If your group is too small, enlist the help of some teammates from your campground and make some new acquaintances.

4. Name That Tune

There are several variations to this campfire game, but having everyone “sing” their song may be a lot more fun. The remainder of the group guesses based on what they’ve heard after one person performs or plays their music. When we talked about the finest texting games for people to enjoy from a safe social distance, we mentioned a variation of this group activity.

5. Alphabet Game

It’s much fun to play the Alphabet Drinking Game. It’s also a quick way to become wasted. You’ll only need your drinks and a bunch of people to play. It is played by selecting a theme and beginning with a single word. We’ll use fruits as an example. A fruit, such as an apple, is chosen by the first individual. The next person says the word, and another is added to the list. This proceeds around the circle of players, who each add one more item to their list until one of the items is forgotten, at which point they must skip their turn and take a shot.

polish horse shoes

6. Polish Horseshoes

One of the best outdoor sports, especially for camping, is Polish horseshoes. As long as someone is sober enough to keep score, this popular drinking game is simple to set up and much fun to play. You’ll need a few items to play polish horseshoes, but you probably already have them at the campsite. Polish horseshoes require two long five-foot sticks (hiking poles are best), two empty bottles, and a frisbee, in addition to lots of beer to drink. This entertaining drinking game is played in two teams of two individuals, and it’s ideal for creating a competitive spirit.

7. Tipsy Artists

Tipsy Artists is a game quite similar to Pictionary, but it is a lot more enjoyable. Each player takes a turn drawing while the other players try to guess what they’re drawing. The catch is that the worse you are at sketching, the more you drink, and the tougher the game becomes as you get drunker.

Tipsy artists is a simple game to play, and it ensures that everyone will have a good time. All you will be needing are some drawing materials and your favorite alcoholic beverage to play with. Wearing a headlamp will help you see your artwork better if you’re playing late at night.

8. Word Association

One player begins by speaking a single word. The next player must speak a word linked to the first word but does not contain any part of the first word rapidly (approximately two seconds). It doesn’t count if the first person stated “camping” and the second person said “campfire” because they both contain the word “camp.”

If a player takes too long, repeats a word that has already been said, or says a term that contains part of the previous word, he or she is out (or has to drink if you wish to make it a drinking game) (for example, camping and campfire). Start with an adult word like “foreplay” if you want to make it more adult. (Read Camping In The Rain Checklist)

9. Truth or Dare

The all-time great game has two or more players. And it’s not just for teen sleepovers; if you’re ready to give it a try, this may be one of the best adult campfire games.

Before you begin, decide on a penalty for failing to complete the challenge. It should be fairly difficult, so players will be motivated to finish their turns. “Truth or Dare?” someone asks you when it’s your turn. It would be best if you made a decision.

If you choose truth, they are free to ask you any question they want, and you must respond honestly. They can dare you to do anything if you choose daring (within reason). Remember, if you absolutely cannot accomplish the dare or cannot tell the truth about it, you must pay the agreed-upon punishment!

10. Two Truths and A Lie

“Two Truths And A Lie,” another classic game for kids of all ages, is a fantastic icebreaker to play around the campfire. Everyone must think of three statements about themselves for this game: two truths and one lie.

Then, one by one, each participant will say each of the three assertions while the remaining group members try to figure out which one is the lie. With a bit of imagination, this game may be quite tough while also providing some laughs.

It’s also a terrific method for everyone to get to know one another and start a conversation if any of the kids in your group are timid.

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