Best Camping Activities At Night

When camping, you can always find activities to do during the day. However, after you put your feet up, time slows down, and besides just relaxing, you may want some nighttime camping activities to do.

If you have children tagging along, it can be even worse as they’ll still be bouncing around.

In this guide, you can find some of the best and most loved nighttime camping activities that can be enjoyed by any member of the family, no matter their age.

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By the end, you are armed with some fun camping activities to spring on the family on your next camping trip.

What is fun about camping?

Camping needs teamwork, and from putting up tents, cooking meals, and playing family ball games, all this is better when you do it as a team. Camping bonds generations and encourages problem-solving skills. (Learn Why Do People Like Camping)

Camping with your family is a great way of exploring new places, relaxing in nature, and the great outdoors. It is the best way to spend quality time with family.

Besides playing games, camping gives you the chance to spend the day riding bikes, hiking, swimming in the river or lake, or even swinging in a hammock.

What Do I Need for a Camping Night?

Unless you all sit around the campfire where you can be seen, some things are essential.

You’ll need flashlights or other types of lanterns, spare batteries, or a means of charging the lights.

You can use glow-in-the-dark sticks as camping games or light-up areas, and when you want your smores, don’t forget your waterproof matches or a fire starter. When playing games at night, you need a whistle and a hi-vis jacket when camping with kids. (Find the Best Portable Heater For Camping)

What Are Fun Things to Bring Camping?

You can have one of the best times camping when you make use of all the activities. However, there are times when the weather may not be the best, or you want something a little quieter.

Bring along some binoculars or spotting scope, and you can carry out some stargazing without all the street lights affecting your view.

If you are into photography, you can take a camera or use your phone and try some nighttime photography while you have the chance. Kids running around with glowsticks light up those long exposures, or you can do a spot of light painting with your flashlight.

For really peaceful nighttime camping activities, you can take a deck of cards and play solitaire or any other card games that have been played for years.

To get the best impression of how life used to be like, you could take old-fashioned board games next time. You can hold a campsite scavenger hunt with prizes for the winners to spice it up for the kids when the sun goes down. Make sure the kids are safe, though. (Learn How to Keep Food Cold Camping)

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How Do You Make a Camping Trip Fun?

Here are some of the best things to do while camping at night without costing anything.

Sit Around the Campfire

Everyone will sit around the campfire for most camping trips, so you need something to do here that is fun.

Staring at the flames and poking the embers can often be more than enough. However, rather than sit in silence, there are plenty of things to liven it up.

Tell Stories Around the Campfire

There are no holds barred with your stories. From funny to get everyone giggling to the ghost stories that have everyone looking over their shoulders and not just the kids.

Rather than let one person do all the talking, take turns telling stories, and the hours will fly by.

Play Music

One camping activity you can’t go wrong with is playing music and singing campfire songs. If anyone has the skills, then you should capitalize on them.

Bust out a guitar on your next camping trip and have a rip-roaring sing-along while sitting around the campfire.

Play Games Around the Fire

When you go camping with small kids, not all nighttime activities will suit. For family camping, you can make shadow puppets from the flickering flames against the sides of your tent. For the older kids and adults, you can play truth or dare or charades. (Read Using A Magnesium Fire Starter)

Make Dessert

Toasted marshmallows or s’mores have been the staple dessert when around the campfire. However, you can jazz them up with campfire comes.

Get some waffle cones, fill them with chocolate chips, fruits, and marshmallows, and wrap them in aluminum foil. Carefully hold them close to the fire for a few minutes, and then enjoy the sticky, gooey mess. (Read Swimming Calories Burned)

Go Walking

When you go camping, the area around the campsite you are in is very different during the day than at night. All you need are flashlights or headlamps, and you can cruise around some of the local areas.

Go Night Swimming

If you and your family fancy a dip, swimming at night is even more fun than during the day. If you’re camping near a natural body of water, you may find it feels warmer after having the sun on it all day. Make sure you have flashlights, and you are careful not to venture too far into the water. (Read our Tips for Camping in the Rain)

Flashlight Hide and Seek

For the more adventurous nighttime camping activities, you can play flashlight tag, or if you have enough headlamps and flashlights, you can play capture the flag. It can be great fun for the whole family to burn off extra energy. (Find the Best Reclining Camping Chair With Footrest)

It can feel like a real camping adventure as you try and sneak past everyone else without them seeing you. It is a simple game, yet there is an added dimension when running around in the night sky.

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