Does Maple Syrup Need to Be Refrigerated After Opening When Camping?

When you go camping, you want to make foods that are easy. Breakfast is one meal that you don’t want to mess around with too much. Rather than cereal, particularly on a colder morning pancakes are a fantastic option.

No matter what the age of the camper, pancakes are adored by everyone. As everyone knows, pancakes are no good without maple syrup, and if you get the real stuff rather than manufactured, all the better.

When camping, you may not use all your maple syrup in one or two sittings, which leads to the question. Does maple syrup need refrigeration after the container has been opened?

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In our guide, you can learn all you need to know about pure maple syrup and how long you can keep it before it is wasted if you don’t have access to any refrigeration.

How Long Can Maple Syrup Be Left Out of the Fridge?

You can find a difference between manufactured breakfast maple syrup and pure maple syrup.

The syrup products may be next to each other in the store, yet they are very different. Maple syrup is made from maple tree sap. It is boiled down, which reduces the water content to concentrate the sugar. (Learn about the Different Types of Tents)

The sugar will caramelize and result in maple syrup’s dark color and flavor. It can take ten gallons of sap to produce one quart of maple syrup products.

You will discover that pure maple syrup doesn’t contain sufficient sugar to stop mold. If conditions are not extreme, you can leave your syrup out of the fridge for around one week.

One or two days, and you shouldn’t have any issue with mold growth.

When camping, you will need to keep your bottle as cool as possible and out of direct sunlight. If you have a cooler, you can store it in there, and it could last you the length of your camping trip.

All you need to do is keep checking your maple syrup for signs of mold inside your bottle after you have opened it.

At the very least, find a good place that is dark and cool where your syrup can be kept and still used on your pancakes.

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Can Maple Syrup Be Stored at Room Temperature?

When you look at storing things at room temperature, you tend to find things that have been opened. An unopened container of maple syrup can be stored in a cool place for up to around two years’ shelf life.

Unlike honey, maple syrup will grow mold once opened. Once you open a container, you need to refrigerate for the storage of maple syrup, and there it can last 6 months to a year.

In addition to refrigerating opened maple syrup, you can find it is fine to freeze maple syrup, and putting syrup in the freezer will help retain the natural flavor, and it won’t go bad.

You will find, the longer you keep it outside a refrigerator, the easier you can tell if it’s going bad as there will be dots of mold on the surface. When camping, you could use the boil and scrape method, yet you may not have a suitable clean container to pour it back into. (Find the Best Coffee Maker for Camping)

Does Maple Syrup Need to Be Refrigerated Once Opened?

To preserve syrup life, you should refrigerate maple syrup, yet there is nothing to say you have to. If you consume enough, then you may get away with keeping the syrup at room temperature. Still, refrigerating it does mean you can keep it longer.

When unopened, maple syrup will keep indefinitely in your pantry; however, it takes a few days to go bad when you open the container.

Experts say if you spot harmless mold on the surface of your syrup, you can bring your syrup to a low boil.

At this stage, you can skim the surface. Once you clear off all the top, you should then pour it into a clean container to refrigerate.

This method may answer some of their questions for some individuals, yet these answers are not advisable as you never know what type of mold you have and how it could affect you or your family. (Learn How to Boil Water Camping)

Do You Have to Refrigerate Aunt Jemima Syrup After Opening?

Although you may want to refrigerate maple syrup of any type, the ways commercial products are made make them shelf-stable.

They may appear and taste like maple syrup, yet this is a combination of corn syrup, coloring and flavoring. Such products can be kept in your pantry once opened as they contain sufficient sugar to prevent them from going bad.

It is fine to keep any bottle of syrup like this in the open in your pantry so long as it is cool and dry. However, the bottle is best placed in the refrigerator to keep the maple syrup at its best.

When you go camping, you most likely won’t have access to a fridge. So, you have a couple of options.

No matter how much you like the natural maple syrup, this time, you may need to forgive this and choose one of the options you know is packed with sugar. At least, you’ll know the bottle won’t go bad by the time you have finished your camping trip. (Learn How to Make Coffee Camping)

Another option is to freeze your syrup beforehand and wrap it well. While this won’t affect the jar once opened, it will give you a couple of days into your trip where your syrup has been in cold temperatures rather than the warmth of the great outdoors.

Does Maple Syrup Need to Be Refrigerated After Opening When Camping