What to Do While Camping

Camping is a great way to bond with family. It can also be an excellent means of getting away from it all into the great outdoors with friends.

While adults may take advantage of sitting back and relaxing, kids can be harder to keep occupied with fun camping activities in good weather, never mind if the weather turns sour and it starts to rain.

With a little foresight, camping for beginners doesn’t need to be a learning experience you make up as you go along. Here, you can learn what to do while camping to keep all your friends and family occupied.

Family Camping with the Kids

Making Camping More Fun

Even on its own, camping with kids can be great fun. When you can get away from it all and sit right in the middle of nature, it gives a different perspective to it all.

You can cut back on gadgets for the kids and get back to hobbies and camping activities that stimulate and educate and be fun to take part in. Breaking down the great camping activities into sections makes things far more comfortable to keep in your mind.

Some will also depend on where your camping trips take you because not all camping ideas match every campsite you visit.

Camping Close to Water

One of the best ways of keeping kids occupied is to camp close to water, depending on where you are.

There are many water activities to take part in without resorting to your imagination. Water skiing or kayaking are hugely popular, yet these are for a larger member of the family.

Here are other fun things to do while camping close to water:

  • Water volleyball or other ball sports
  • Canoeing or heading out in your kayak
  • Swimming, snorkelling, or diving
  • Fishing
  • Build a rope swing over the water

Water is fun and a welcome way to cool down. Even if you don’t camp near water, your kids still have the chance of fun activities such as:

  • Water balloon fights
  • Squirt gun army
  • Inflatable paddling pools for small children

Physical & Sporting Activities

Once you are in the middle of nature, there is nothing better than getting active. Family camping can encompass any following to help breathe in the fresh air and have a workout in the process. Here are some of the best outdoor activities, camping ideas.

  • Frisbee golf or tossing horseshoes
  • Soccer or football
  • Baseball or softball
  • Hitting the trails on mountain bikes or hiking (can include geo-caching with hiking)
  • Climbing (rocks or trees)

If you have friends and their family tagging along, it is a great time to be competitive against each other; here are a handful of the top daily activities for groups.

  • Red Rover
  • Capture the Flag
  • Hide-and-seek
  • Bocce Ball. Great for up to eight players on two teams.

Camping Activities

Nighttime Camping Activities

The best camping fun doesn’t need to stop once the sun goes down. It can even be more fun when there are plenty of kids around. As long as everyone is safe, you can play flashlight tag, hide and seek in the dark, or simply stargaze by looking up at the clear night sky.

Shadow puppets are a great way to tell stories by making the puppets dance on the side of your tent. Nighttime is also time to make the S’mores around the campfire or tell spooky ghost stories. (Find the Best 14 Person Tent)

Activities in the Rain

You can take part in some outdoor activities in the rain, yet most of the time, you may have to resort to being stuck in a tent.

Just because it’s raining, camping can still be fun. A lot does depend on the type of tents you have for available space. Many families take along a second tent to use just for the kid’s fun camping area.

They are free to play with toys, read, or do whatever they want to do. Doing this prevents things from the floor in your main tent, or there is no area cramping.

Wet weather camping activity you can fill with board games, card games, playing with gadgets (handy to take one or two). It doesn’t have to stop anyone’s enjoyment, and the sound of the rain can be therapeutic.

Fun from the Campground

While you do all you can to keep up the camping activity, you can find some campgrounds that offer a range of amenities and activities. However, it depends on the National Park you are camping in and how remote your campsite is.

While you may be camping close to a lake or a river, you can find some places that offer plenty of in-built entertainment.

You can either go with all the above and do your fun and activities. Alternatively, you can take the more accessible route and choose a campsite that offers some of the following:

  • Ziplines or zorbing
  • Wave runners, canoes, and kayaks
  • Daily activities for children such as a scavenger hunt competition
  • Water slides or lazy rivers
  • Playground with climbing frames etc.
  • Game rooms
  • Miniature golf
  • Horseback riding

While these campsites can offer plenty to keep your children occupied, it may distract them from the great outdoor experience they will have where they make their fun.

Camping with the family is much more than carrying out any of the above activities, and kids can learn essentials skills that will last them a lifetime. The great thing here is, it is fun, and they learn it without parents teaching them through instruction. (Read Calories Burned Swimming)

No matter which route you take for your next camping trip, you will find there are more than enough activities to keep every one of the family members busy to the point of exhaustion.

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