How to Make Coffee While Camping

One of the best things to wake up to when camping is that first cup of coffee. No matter how you like your coffee, sitting around a campfire waiting for the water to boil builds anticipation.

For many, instant coffee dominates, because of the ease of making. In this guide, you can find all manner of camping hacks and tips to get the best cup of Joe to start your day.

Camp coffee no longer needs to taste off, and you can make your favorite blend of coffee while out on a camping trip, regardless of how you prepare it.

Here, in no particular order are some of the ways you can start brewing coffee while in the great outdoors. (Find the Best Camping Coffee Maker)

Campfire Coffee

How to Boil Water While Camping

Before you begin making coffee, you do need to be sure you can boil water. That is unless you go for the cold brew coffee method, and use cold water brewing, which isn’t the best for a morning drink to warm you up. You also need a water source that is drinkable right off without boiling.

You will find you have a heat source that comes from two options unless you are RV or car camping.

Campfire: When you are making coffee while camping, any fire needs to be on the smaller side so that you can concentrate the heat.

To get the fire to the right stage, you need to let the fire burn, so you have piles of hot coals. Gather these together in a somewhat circular shape, where you can place your coffee pot.

Portable Stove: A fire is a more traditional method, yet a good portable stove does allow you to control the heat more.

Most of these small stoves run on propane or butane and are handy to have. However, a camp stove will be extra camping gear you need to take, and this could include spare canisters.

Make Coffee While Camping

How to Make Coffee While Camping

Here are the more common ways to make coffee while you are off camping.

Cowboy Coffee

You can find various ways to make Cowboy Coffee, yet they all boil down to the same. Cleanup is the messiest of all forms unless you use a coffee bag.

For this brewing method, all you do is add your coffee grounds to your hot water. You will remove from the heat and let your coffee steep for a few minutes while the grounds sink.

Unless you have a filter or use a coffee sock, gently pour out the coffee while trying to keep the grounds at the bottom of your pot or kettle.

You can do something similar with pour-over coffee where you place your grounds in paper filters and just pour water over the top, as would the machine you use to make coffee at home.

French Press Coffee

A French press is among the more popular press coffee makers you can find for making coffee while camping and at home.

All you need is your French press, coffee grounds, water that is the ideal temperature, and your cup. The standard of coffee with these is much further up the scale than instant can ever offer, and you can choose your favorite blend.

The most significant downsides with these are, they are commonly made from glass, so you do need to take care when chucking them in your backpack.

You can however, find a stainless steel insulated French coffee maker and cup all in one. These are more expensive, more substantial, and cannot be used like a regular mug on the trail.

Aeropress Coffee

An Aeropress is quite new, and it does come with a few more parts than your other coffee makers that are suitable for camping. However, they are more versatile and lighter in weight because of their plastic construction.

Another advantage with Aeropress coffee is you can have a regular cup, or the press doubles up as an Espresso maker.

Because they are a cross between Expresso machines and French-presses, here is a quick guide on how to use this new camping coffee maker.

  1. Inside the filter cap, place the fine metal filter and then connect to the brewing chamber.
  2. Next, place the brewing chamber on the top of your coffee mug.
  3. Once ready, place five teaspoons of grounds inside the brew chamber. As with any coffee, the more recent you grind the beans, the fresher the coffee.
  4. Add a bit of boiling water in the chamber to wet and degas the grounds. After ten seconds or so, add the remaining water until the chamber is nearly full.
  5. Let your ground coffee sit for 90 seconds to soak the grounds. Some coffee starts dripping, which is natural.
  6. After the 90 seconds, or a bit longer for stronger, insert the plunger into the top of the chamber.
  7. Press the plunger taking around 30 seconds to complete the full length. The coffee will run from the bottom into your mug.
  8. Remove the Aeropress, and you can enjoy the best camping coffee you will have tasted.

Aeropress for Espresso while Camping

Making Espresso with an Aeropress

If you are after something stronger to help power you through a hike, then using the Aeropress for Espresso is ideal.

Here are the guides for making the best camping Espresso shots.

  1. Add 32 grams of grounds to the Aeropress
  2. Add 100 grams of water that you have well boiled, and stir for 10 seconds
  3. Plunge faster than above and complete the motion in 20 seconds to fill your cup with your shot

Many methods can deliver great coffee, although the Aeropress does offer the best camping coffee. Even the cleanup is much easier than other ways apart from a coffee bag, yet these don’t deliver the same flavor.

Coffee, while camping, no longer needs to rely on instant, no matter if you are camping in your tent, vehicle camping, or you are hitting the trails into the great outdoors.

How to Make Coffee While Camping