How To Store Camping Chairs

There’s no question that camp chairs are a must on camping trips. However, once you are back home, they need packing away until you head off into the wilderness the next time.

What you need are plenty of folding chair storage ideas for your camp chairs or even lawn chair storage. Depending on your home, one garage storage solution may suit you, but it may not suit another.

In our guide, you can learn more about which are the best camping chair storage ideas you can use. By the end, you’ll know how you can pack away your tents, camping chair equipment, and other gear until the summer, or at the very least until you are ready to head off on your next camping trip. (Read Truck Bed Camping Setups)

Camping chair storage ideas

How to Store Folding Chairs & Lawn Chairs

Lawn chairs and camping chairs have their time when the weather is warm. After that, they usually sit idle until the next time you go camping or have a backyard barbecue.

Luckily, as they fold up, you can use locations such as the following to store them.

  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Attic, basement, and crawl space

You don’t need a giant house to keep these chairs out of the way, but you may need to put on your thinking cap and get creative with how you use the space. Let’s get going!

How To Store Lawn Chairs in Garage?

Sports equipment, gardening tools, and bicycles may quickly fill up the garage. Fortunately, there are several options for keeping your seats out of the way and organized.

Here’s how to keep your lawn and foldable chairs organized in the garage:

  • Store in large bins
  • Put inside cabinets or lockers
  • Stash underneath a workbench
  • Create a loft space on the ceiling
  • Stack in a corner

Loft Space

There’s a lot of space in your ceiling! You may keep your chairs and other furniture off the floor by hanging metal hooks, racks, or shelves from the top.

Many of your items can be stored in your garage, such as lawn tools, sports equipment, and even bicycles.

However, a little ingenuity will enable us to store the chairs in the garage. Therefore, it does not need a large storage area to hang all your bags, chairs, etc.

Here are a few alternative methods for more successfully storing a folded chair:

Under Your Workbench

If you have a workbench in your garage, you may make use of it by storing your camping chairs underneath or other stuff underneath. This will free up lots of garage room and space for other things. If you wish to keep the chairs on it, you can use any tarp or blanket when you fix them in position. (Read When Does Camping Season Start)

Locker or Cabinet

If there’s a garage, there’s bound to be a locker or cabinet! And there, we can effortlessly tuck our portable camping seats into any corner. However, to access them effectively, you must stack the camping chairs in a well-organized manner.

Large Storage Bins

Sellers such as Target and Walmart, as well as other merchants, sell large storage
containers, as well as containers made explicitly for chairs of various sizes. These enormous bins are also available online and come in various sizes explicitly built for storing different foldable chairs and can stop them from getting dirty.

Stacking Chairs

If you can’t keep the chairs in the above areas as they don’t fold, you can stack them in the corner of your room or garage. First, stack them and then cover them with a protective cover to keep the dust off.

Hangging camping chairs on the walls

How Can Camping Chairs be Hung on Walls?

It’s now one of the most frequently asked questions by many people. And believe it or not, we don’t need to be master carpenters to hang a few hooks on our walls. All that is required is some time and a few fundamental notions about craftsmanship, and we are ready to begin!

Here are some of the steps we’ll need to take to exactly mount our camping chairs on the walls:

  1. Look for two pieces of 1′′ x 4′′ lumber. These lumber woods are readily available in hardware stores or even scrap yards.
  2. Cut each piece of wood to length to fit between the chair legs. Make sure the length of the wooden planks is precisely the same.
  3. Each of the boards should be spaced out such that they are positioned up at both ends of the chair’s legs.
  4. Use three screws to secure them to a specific spot on the wall. It is highly advised that each piece of timber be tilted at a 30-degree angle.
  5. Finally, use the wooden boards to attach your camping chairs. Also, make sure there’s enough space for your camping chairs to hang firmly on the wall.

If you think making this garage storage wall system is out of your reach, you can use a professional to complete it for you.

Alternative Ways To Hide Camping Chairs?

Yes, there are ways to hide these camping chairs, especially when running short in space!! The exciting thing is that we are unaware that there are such places at our home where we can effortlessly hide our camping chairs.

The Closet

This is another place where we can easily store or hide our camping chairs. It’s essential that we upright the chairs against the closet walls. In this way, the chairs will have more dimensions so that many chairs can be easily kept inside the closet.

Underneath the Bed

This is simply one of the most convenient places where we can easily keep our camping chairs without any hesitation. Moreover, there are many places where we can stack mostly all of our camping chairs under the bed. (Read Beach Camping Essentials)

Behind Dressers

Just bring your dresser a bit forward, and you’ll have a convenient amount of space behind! This is where we can easily hide our foldable camping chairs. We need to remember that we don’t pack all the chairs too tightly together. This will be difficult to pull these out, but it can also damage these chairs.

So, we must know how to organize camping chairs more efficiently; otherwise, it can be complicated next time we try to take them out.

How To Store Camping Chairs