7 Pop Up Camper Essentials

If you want to enjoy the benefits and space but are not willing to spend too much, there is a compromise.

Pop-up campers are gaining in popularity since they offer alternative bunking options for outdoor adventures. To complete these shelters, pop-up camper essentials provide folks with many modern conveniences.

Many people buy pop-up campers because they are less costly, which frees up the budget to acquire pop-up camper necessities.

pop up camper

This ability to purchase additional gear elevates the camping experience.  Pop-up camping opens up the possibility for more people to enjoy luxury amenities associated with glamping essentials.

If you are one of those who upgraded to pop-up campers, here are some necessities you might want to consider. (Learn The Different Types of Tents)

1. Get a Generator and DC Battery

I think the whole point of a pop-up camper is comfort. My first inclination would be to make sure I have power while on the go. A generator makes much sense to me as an essential accessory to enhance any pop-up camping trip.

Sure, you can get by without one, but a generator can open up many possibilities with gear options. It can provide power to run camping appliances that would all contribute to more convenience. An air conditioner, refrigerator, or heater, for instance, would all work from generator power.

To complement your generator, a DC battery can help a lot while you are outdoors. Having a generator is necessary to power gear that relies on AC. For DC power, a battery will do the trick. Smaller gadgets will usually need DC power.

Many batteries in the market are designed for camping purposes. These batteries will usually be smaller and weigh less, so they are more convenient to bring on trips. (Read Insulated Camping Tent Guide)

2. Leveling Blocks

Have you ever tried sleeping in an incline? Or have you ever camped in an area that is not flat? Not leveling a pop-up camper is a terrible idea. It not only feels weird and inconvenient but could also harm equipment.

Refrigerator systems could malfunction, stoves could leak, and any liquids in the camper would be tilting.  To achieve perfectly flat ground, leveling blocks will solve the problem. Finding a very leveled park area is great, but in case you do not, having leveling blocks, a ready camper will always save the day.

3. Pop up Assist lift System

Sure, you can roll up your shoulders and grunt your pop-up camper into position, but why sweat it? There is a smarter and much more convenient way. Get yourself a lift system for your pop-up camper.

This way, you can save your energy for other camping endeavors that are more fun.

4. Heater and Air-Condition

There is nothing more convenient than regulated temperature. If you like to camp during the colder months, a portable heater would certainly come in handy. Most pop-up campers have thin walls, and that does not give excellent insulation.

Conversely, during the summer months, a portable air conditioner can get you through those extra warm nights. A rooftop mounted AC would be great, but a portable one will do the trick if that is not possible. (Find the Best Portable Heater For Camping)

5. Outdoor Portable Changing Area

If you have a pop-up camper, chances are there a few of you in the camping entourage. Nothing is more inconvenient than changing clothes minus the privacy. Having a pop-up tent can easily remedy that situation.

These upright enclosures give just the right space. You and the rest of the gang can get your clothes on in privacy. There will be no need to tell people to get out of the camper when you have to change clothes.

6. Outdoor Grill

Cooking is an essential part of camping. Having an outdoor grill gives you two benefits at once. You can cook delicious food while keeping the inside of the camper clean. Sure, you can cook inside the camper in the stove-allocated area, but why cramp the interior?

If an outside grill is possible, go for it. Besides, cooking a grilled meal outside is always a fun bonding activity. I like setting up a grill and enjoying the smoky food flavors, more like traditional camping. (Find the Best Reclining Camping Chairs)

7. Foldable Chairs and Table

Once you get to the pop-up campsite and set up your rig, chances are you will want just to chill and hang out.

You are certainly not going to do that inside the modest space of your pop-up camper. Besides, why did you go camping in the first place? To enjoy the outdoors.

One of the first things I always do once we set up camp is to make our living area right outside the pop-up camper.

Having foldable chairs and a table is great since my family and I hang out and enjoy the outdoor space. This is where we chat, eat, and just while the time away.

Always Go Camping Prepared

small popup camper

I have just outlined some essential gear you will want to have to augment your pop-up camper. There is definitely more stuff you could get to make your camping trip experience enjoyable for you and the entire family. (Learn How to Keep RV Pipes From Freezing While Camping)

My motto for any camping trip is always to be prepared. Try to imagine certain eventualities, and try to bring the stuff or gear to remedy those situations.

7 Pop Up Camper Essentials