RV Fridge Check Light On

You’re not the only one who finds the check light on your RV fridge annoying. As a result, many RVers are enquiring what the light signifies and their options for their Dometic camper fridge. The check light illuminates when your RV refrigerator tries to use LP gas but cannot ignite.

It might also imply that your refrigerator has run out of gas and was formerly powered by LP. Make sure you still have gas before carrying out a Dometic RV refrigerator reset to remove this notification.

In our guide, you can learn more about your Dometic fridge check light and scenarios where you can see it. By the end, you’ll know more about why you have any issues with your Dometic RV fridge check light comes on and what you need to do. (Learn How To Wash Clothes While Camping)

RV fridge check light comes on


What Does Check Light Mean On Dometic RV Fridge?

Maybe you’re in the thick of your camping vacation when you realize your fridge’s check light is on.

You’re unsure of what it signifies or what you should do as a result. You’re worried about the food stock you have in your fridge and, of course, don’t want it to go bad.

Hold on and don’t lose hope; the solution can be much easier to find than you imagine.

Many campers have encountered this circumstance, and based on their observations, there are many ways in which the check light may turn on when:

  • Your RV’s refrigerator attempted to use LP as its power source, but it failed.
  • The flame gradually died, although it was already running on gas.
  • Your fridge was trying to run in hybrid mode, yet once you swapped from electric, the gas didn’t ignite, or vice versa.

You can see from these examples that it appears to be when you loose power for any length of time, and the igniter doesn’t kick in. Besides this, the same problem appears when you have an issue with gas flow.

It isn’t social knowledge, yet one instance is often overlooked for a gas flow problem in any model Dometic fridge. When you reach a certain altitude and a certain number of feet above sea level, once you hit this, you’ll lack pressure in your tank for the propane to power your refrigerator.

Starting fridge after gas flow problems:

Determine whether you have gas before turning off the light. After that, you only need to briefly turn off and then turn back on your RV fridge.

This would give it enough time to decide which power source to employ while resetting its system.

  1. To switch the available gas or electric, press the “Auto” button.
  2. RV refrigerators are built to work with the types of available power sources.
  3. LP gas or propane and 120 VAC or shore electricity are frequently used.
  4. Although consumers can also manually select their preferred power source, most of these appliances have a capability that enables them to switch from one power source to another.
  5. The fridge may run into problems along the way as it selects the most cost-effective power source, which could turn on the check light.
  6. The check light may need to be reset more than once because your camper fridge needs enough time for the gas to ignite.
  7. In the case of altitude, if you are traveling, it could take a few hours to descend, or you need an electrical power source. Most fridges have auto, as we have seen, yet you may need to reset this for it to kick in.

RV refrigerator light blinking

Why Is My RV refrigerator light blinking?

As previously noted, if there is an issue with the gas system, the check light on the Dometic fridge will turn on, as you can see from the social knowledge in all the forums.

So long as there is electricity available and the refrigerator is set to AUTO, the check light shouldn’t turn on.

The fridge would switch between running on gas and electricity in AUTO mode depending on whatever was available. In most cases, freezers would use electricity if the vehicle was connected to shore power.

As a result, if you set your Dometic refrigerator in AUTO mode and the check light is on, gas and electricity are not available.

However, if the fridge is set to the GAS mode, the check light cannot turn off when the mode is changed to AUTO and electricity is available.

To better understand what the Dometic RV refrigerator check light means, keep in mind this rule. (Learn How To Survive Camping)

If the Dometic refrigerator cooling is interrupted, the “check light” will turn on. That may be brought on by a malfunctioning propane system or a failed 120 VAC heater.

  • When the propane mode is selected and the refrigerator requests cooling, the system will attempt three attempts to light.
  • The “check light” will turn on if no propane flame is found after the third attempt.
  • You have a “check light” on the refrigerator because you claim there is no propane at the stove, which is the reason for this.
  • Refill your propane tank, purge the lines (by lighting the stove burner until it lights correctly to remove all air), and then turn your refrigerator back to propane.
  • Don’t give up after one attempt; it can take three or four (or even more) tries to get all the air out of the gas lines and get it working correctly.
  • The pressure drops during the night, and the lower temperature interferes with the propane regulator, according to the best guess.
  • Additionally, at a time of the lower temperature, the furnace and hot water heater run more extended, which causes the demand for propane.
  • When this occurs, even though the air temperature outside is above freezing, is your propane regulator covered in frost?

What You Need:

Most tools and gears are in your vehicle, and you can get the rest from stores.

A multimeter, flat-headed screwdriver, and flashlight are essential.

Always wear rubber gloves when inspecting electric appliances, as many wires and rusted metal parts in an RV fridge can cause injury.

Dometic RV refrigerator check light issues

1. Empty Propane Tank

It’s a good idea to check the RV gas reserve if you set the fridge in GAS mode and the check light is on.

The tank that powers your Dometic refrigerator frequently runs out of gas. To fix the check light problem, you could refill the empty propane tanks more often.

2. Blocked Ignition Wire

Carbon and other similar substances will eventually build up on the fridge’s heating element and ignition wire and overwhelm it.

Naturally, without the ignition wire, the fridge cannot run on gas, so the check light would inevitably turn on.

You must use a screwdriver to remove a few heat shield panels by the burner and furnace to access the ignition wire on Dometic refrigerators.

As soon as you locate the wire, examine its tip, and remove any foreign objects that come into your line of vision. With any luck, doing that would turn off the check light and restore work to the fridge’s gas system. (Learn How to Keep RV Pipes From Freezing While Camping)

3. Faulty Fuses

Remove the fuse securing the DC control board by going to the AC breaker.

Next, use your multimeter to check whether the fuse is good or bad.

While you’re at it, pay close attention to the heating element’s fuse. Faulty fuses would stop the electricity from flowing, turning on the check light in Dometic refrigerators.

With this technique, your fridge can only restart utilizing electricity in AUTO mode; the gas system needs additional care.

4. Flat RV Battery

Refrigerators and other appliances in recreational vehicles won’t work correctly when the battery is low.

Check your RV’s batteries with the multimeter to see how things work out.

To maintain the quality/durability of your vehicle battery, recharge it frequently.

5. Faulty Control Board

There is a good likelihood that the control panel is to blame for your check light issue once you’ve ruled out all the contributing variables.

In most cases, replacing the control board requires professional help. First, you should consider going to a respected service station, then let the experts handle it.

The last thing you want to do while trying to replace the fridge control board is causing more damage.

RV refrigerator check light issues

How Do You Reset An RV Chill Refrigerator?

You can carry out a Dometic refrigerator check and reset your camper refrigerator if necessary to get it working correctly.

However, depending on your model, the reset button may be in a different place inside your fridge. The best place to find it is in your owner’s manual.

  1. Once you’ve located the reset button, all you have to do to get your Dometic fridge working correctly is press it.
  2. If you have problems with the pilot light or a malfunctioning burner, restarting your fridge might be helpful (if your fridge is running on propane gas).
  3. Of course, there’s more you need to do to fix these problems than simply pressing the reset button.
  4. You must remove extra gas from the propane cylinder with a failed burner.
  5. Check the thermonuclear for the pilot light to see if there is already a problem or too much air in the gas line. Besides resetting, doing these items would assist with the problems.
  6. Check your manual to see if your RV refrigerator has a reset button because some don’t.
  7. Frequently, all you need to do to reset a device is to turn it off and wait for a few minutes before turning it back on.

How long will a 12-volt battery run an RV refrigerator?

Since you can’t always be linked to shore power, an RV can have multiple power sources. For example, 12V batteries can power an RV fridge for six to eight hours. But, of course, it depends on the battery’s capacity, the refrigerator’s size, and other appliances.

Using a 12V 100AH deep cycle battery to power simply the RV refrigerator, a larger or residential refrigerator that takes 12-amp hours will run for about eight hours. A smaller fridge will run longer since it uses less energy.

More amp hours in your 12V RV batteries means a longer refrigerator. Using multiple batteries will give you greater power and run time. (Read Is It Illegal To Sleep On The Beach)

Some RVers use a BMS to assess how much power each device needs. This helps them manage battery use when off-grid camping.

But if you don’t have a BMS, you can check your RV fridge’s power consumption by turning off all battery-connected equipment save the fridge. Then, check the meter to see how many amp-hours the fridge uses.

Use this information to calculate how long your fridge’s battery will last. This helps determine the best fridge for your rig. Optimize battery life by using a smaller device with fewer functions.

RV fridge's lifespan

How long do RV refrigerators last?

If you routinely camp with your family, choose an RV refrigerator. You can store kitchen supplies. Food won’t spoil. You can store perishable foods in your fridge, reducing supermarket trips.

This RV appliance should last 14 years. If you use your fridge correctly, you can extend its life.

Various things affect an RV fridge’s lifespan.

Quality and model

There are trusted brands because they make quality appliances. High-end refrigerators should last longer since they use better parts and components.


Appliances last longer with regular maintenance. Check and clean your fridge’s gasket, clear the exhaust, inspect the cables and connections, and defrost regularly.


When used correctly, an RV fridge will last for years.

  • Level your rig before using it.
  • Turn it off while traveling.
  • Do not overfill or underfill your fridge,
  • Set the right temperature,
  • Close the door and avoid blocking the ventilation holes to allow
  • proper air circulation.

RV Fridge check Light On