Guide to Staying Cool While Camping

With today’s modern gear, anytime is great to go camping! There are camping equipment available for any weather. Be it summer or winter and anything in between, camping is an activity you can enjoy all year round.

Should you decide to camp in warmer months, staying cool while camping is easy to do. How to stay cool while camping is all about proper gear selection and some old school techniques. There are many tents that stay cool because of design and material.

There are also many cooling tent aids out in the market. Here is some quick tip to help you stay cool while camping.

camping with sunrays

Setting –up

During warm weather it is ideal that you set up your tent in a shaded area, near trees that will absorb the heat instead of your tent.  Consider pitching your tent on a higher ground to enjoy the breeze to your campsite. Also observe the direction of the breeze and point the door of your tent towards it. (Learn Best Way To Boil Water Camping)

camping under tree

The air will flow freely inside. If it is possible, you can put up a tarp or a canopy for extra cover. This will provide comfort while cooking or just hanging out.

Material of most tents are made of synthetic fabric like nylon or polyester. When the sun hits your tent, it will act like a greenhouse.  One important tip to remember is to disassemble your tent during the day, doing so will increase the life span of your tent. Pitch your tent back up on sundown.


Aside from tarps and canopies, another type of shade that you can use is a reflective sunshade. The idea is for the shade to reflect sunlight towards the sky. This will make social gathering more comfortable and enjoyable. Sunshade will help with short naps in the afternoon and sleeping in even when the sun is up already.

Install your sunshade 10 inches or more above your tent. This will allow cool air to circulate around it.

Camp Near Water

Having a small body of water near your tent is an ideal campsite. Dipping in and out of a lake, stream or river in scorching heat is the perfect way to cool down. Kids can engage in different water activities also.  Pack a couple of beach balls and Frisbee.

Portable Fan

Invest on a portable fan, this will provide comfort and pleasure when camping in a 90-degree weather. A battery operated fan with foam blades is the way to go. It has to be lightweight, quiet and easy to attach to the tent’s floor or ceiling.

There are also models that you can plug in to a USB port. If you are car camping most models will plug into the auxiliary lighter port.

The Right Tent

There is no need to bring a 4 season tent if you camp during the dry season. All you will need is a model that will keep the bugs and critters out. Use a tent that has lots of mesh, ideally on all sides so that you get optimal ventilation.

Since you are camping in summer or in warm weather, you also will not need a double walled tent. You may opt not to put the rain canopy, making your tent even breezier. You also get the bonus of an unhampered view of the sky as you go stargazing yourself to sleep.

If you are a bit more adventurous tarps are all the rage now. These are really open shelters that allow you to soak in everything, but still with a cover over your head. Many former tent users are shifting to tarps since they are also ultra-light. (Learn about different types of tents)

Use a Hammock

This alternative is not for everyone but hammock users love this sleeping system. Believe or not there is such thing as hammock camping. Make sure there are a couple of trees to tie the hammock between, you will feel the breeze circulating around your body.

Do not lie straight on the hammock, instead lie diagonally for a flatter back.  Purchase a good quality hammock, the fabric has to be able to stretch out and sturdy enough for sleeping, this is after all your bed during camping.

The downside to this set up is the cool breeze in the morning, it can be chilly. Mosquitoes can be problem at night. I suggest you install a mosquito net to protect you from bites or apply bug spray.


Always hydrate when camping in the middle of summer. The recommended amount to drink is a least 2 liters of water a day. If you did a lot of activities, I suggest you drink more, like 3 liters. Store your water in an insulated container to keep it cool. Try to keep track of the amount of water you take so you know if you are drinking enough.

If you are profusely sweating, you could be losing electrolytes in your body. There are products in the market in tablet form that you can dissolve in water. Or you can make your own by mixing together water, salt and sugar

Outdoor Outfits

Pack light colored clothing preferably made of cotton or linen, this will help you feel cooler during the day.

There are outdoor outfits available in the market meant for camping, like convertible pants. The idea is to be able to convert your pants to shorts if need be, depends on the activity you are doing. Wear clothes that are comfortable that will allow you to move easily and has good ventilation. (Learn How to Keep Food Cold While Camping)

Your clothes are meant to cover most part of your body to protect you from sun exposure and mosquito bites. If you choose to wear outfits like shorts, tank tops or tubes, make sure you apply sunscreen lotion every two hours during the day.

Guide to Staying Cool While Camping