Best Beginner Fly Fishing Kit

Fly fishing is a popular method for catching fish where the bait is strategically positioned on the top of the water for fish to take.

The bait is usually a fake fly, hence the name. The logic behind the method is to fool the fish that an edible creature has landed on the surface of the water or slightly below it.

The fly is hurled with the use of a fly rod, reel, and specialized line. Due to the lightweight, fly-casting requires methods drastically different from other types of fishing. Furthermore, the flies often look very credible as baitfish, invertebrates, baitfish, or other food critters.

guy fly fishing

The sport/ hobby is enjoyed in both salt and fresh water. There are many angling techniques to learn depending on where you opt to practice the sport. (Learn What Is Fly Fishing)

These days, beginners can also get started quickly by purchasing any of the starter fly fishing kit combos in the market in addition to an appropriate fly fishing outfit.

Save Money by Getting the Best Beginner Fly Fishing Kit

A beginner fly rod combo can save the novice angler a significant amount of money. Acquiring the needed gear in a combination or “combo” package includes not just the rod, but the fly reel, fly line, backing, and either a rod tube or rod sock. These gear kits are in angling jargon called “fly rod outfits” or “fly fishing combos”.

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These best beginner fly rod combo rigs are not just suited for beginners. As of late, while novice anglers buy fly fishing combination packages, combo kits are available for all fishing enthusiasts. Middle-skilled and even expert anglers can these days avail of gear kits that are up to par with their fly fishing abilities.

A Look at Three Top Notch Fly Fishing Kits

My Top Pick

Wild Water Fly Fishing 9 Foot, 4-Piece, 5/6 Weight Fly Rod Complete Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Starter Package

What You Get:

Wild Water’s slow action rod is made of IM8 graphite. It has a 5/6 weight fly rod and is a 9′, 4 section piece. It has three stainless steel stripper guides with silicon carbide rings, stainless single foot guides, and a tip-top.

Weighing 4.4 ounces, it measures 28” long for each section. The rod has a machined aluminum reel seat featuring double lock rings and a laser etched butt cap. It has a Western-style cork handle 7 inches long with compressed cork accent rings. A black carry case is included.

This kit is recommended for panfish, trout, and small bass and fly fishing in small to medium streams, ponds, and backpacking.

My Thoughts on the Rig

I think it is an excellent starter to intermediate combo package. I have seen other starter kits but this by far is the best combo.

It also holds up well and is in great shape after over a year since I got it.  Besides some tension loss and a little nick on the spool, this purchase was not the most low-priced, but a great value nonetheless.

The build quality is top-notch on both the pole and reel. The nice black carry case has nine flies all looking of good quality.  Wild Water has a great customer care reputation, so any issues should be quickly attended to. (Learn What to Wear When You Go Fishing)

If you are new to fly fishing and lost or confused with gear selection, this kit solves that dilemma.

The Runner-Up

Wakeman Fly Fishing Starter Set- 8’ Fiberglass Rod, Aluminum Reel, Travel Bag, 12 Dry Flies and Box

What You Get:

This Wakeman starter kit includes an 8 foot three-piece fly rod, graphite reel, fly line, tapered leader, and two flies. A secure EVA foam handle makes for a comfortable grip. The rod has a fiberglass body, left hand retrieve reel, and a built-in hook keeper for safety.

This easy to handle 6/7 weight rod is also great for just getting into fly fishing. The combo package is designed for no-compromise performance for either novice or intermediate anglers. Other features are a 45-foot fly line, a 9-foot nylon 4x tapered leader in addition to two dry flies. It has a black carry case.

My Thoughts on the Rig

More than anything, I think this kit is an amazing value and the folks at Wakeman hit it out of the ballpark. It is affordable enough to buy even if there are two or three of you who want to get into the hobby/sport.

Fly fishing has a reputation for being expensive and frankly, that can be true if you are not smart with your gear choices.

Thanks to the folks at Wakeman, I was able to get two of my kids and some friends started without breaking our wallets. Sure, it may not be the most refined rig, but it has us going to the water for over a year now. I surely cannot whine about that.

Opt for this rod as an inexpensive way to get into the hobby/sport. You will surely be hooked (no pun intended). If ever you give it up or do not like it, at least you did not spend a bundle. It is really a nice rig for the price tag.

The black carry bag is handsome and of nice quality with a pocket for the reel. The reel is constructed of high tolerance plastic and has a solid feel. Overall, I give this combo two thumbs up.

No Excuses Not To Get Into Fly Fishing

There was a time when any kind of combo package connoted there was a compromise in quality. Not anymore. These two kits disprove that. True, the occasional crappy combos still exist, but they are few and easy to spot. (Read Kayak Fishing Tips)

Anglers now have great selections of kits and combos to match any skill level and budget.

Best Beginner Fly Fishing Kit