Best Fishing Trips In The World

The ultimate dream of any angler is to experience fishing on different continents. There are long lists of fishing destinations on the internet.

You will be surprised to know where you can find the best fishing trips in the world since they are everywhere.

The best fishing trips are always enjoyed with family and friends. Cooking your catch of the day will make a good picnic spread. Pairing the fish with a good bottle of wine is also always a good thing.

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The list below will bring you to some of the best fishing in the world experiences.

The Best Fishing Trips in the World

Phuket, Thailand

Our first destination is one of the best deep sea fishing sites in the southern part of Asia. Thailand beaches are known for their clear blue waters.

Anglers will have an exhilarating experience in the waters of the Andaman Sea. You have the choice to catch giant trevally, carp, catfish, marlin, queenfish, sea bass, and tuna.

If you are into fishing parks, Thailand has that too. Bung Sam Ran in Bangkok has been featured in countless fishing magazines. Out of this world marine life will make your eyes go big. Many anglers from other countries go to Thailand to catch their “big fish”.


Scotland is known for salmon fishing. The best time to go is during spring until fall. Salmon fishing is a competition participated in by a wide range of anglers.

Locals have the edge because they are familiar with the locations of the rivers where salmons are plentiful.

The secret to successful salmon fishing is the rain. The rain makes the channels overflow, allowing the salmon in from the sea.

Scotland is a perfect country to go to if you are a novice angler. You have a choice between freshwater and sea fishing. The picturesque view of the island is an added bonus.


Do you wonder why you almost always see tuna in Mexican dishes?  Mexico has the best tuna in the world. A record-breaking 400-pound yellowfin tuna was caught in Puerto Vallarta.

When tuna is hooked, they swim deeper in the water, making it very difficult to hold on. Tuna are voracious eaters. Using live tuna as bait is the best way to catch them.

Sports fishing is also a popular activity in Mexico, especially deep-sea fishing. After a fun day in the sea, anglers end the night in a bar over Mexican cocktails and food.  If riding a boat is not your thing, surf fishing and fly-fishing is another option for you.


Italy is known for its spearfishing, specifically Sicily. The beautifully preserved waters are home to schools of tuna, grouper, swordfish, and many more.  Italian dishes are rich in tomatoes and seafood which they obviously catch in the Italian Isle.

Since Italy is a combination of many races, recreational fishing is embedded in their culture. It started as a food gathering skill for survival and turned it into a sport. You will learn different techniques from local anglers aiming at the same fish.


60,000 kilometers of coastline and almost 4,000 exotic species in the water will put a huge smile on any angler’s face. That country is none other than Australia. Located in the south part of the equator.

Victoria is the best location in the world if you intend to fish for sharks. Hammerhead, bronze whaler, common thresher, organic blue whaler, and gummy shark are some of the few varieties of sharks that are waiting to be discovered in the fierce waters of the coast home.

You will find barramundi, Murray cod, gigantic black marlin, oversized trevally, juicy snapper, and the best trout in the waters of Australia.  You will not go home empty-handed when you go fishing in Australia.

Falling off your boat is a common accident that occurs out at sea, so be careful when encountering tough waves.


Unknown to many, Portugal is an angler’s paradise. Overlooked as a fly-fishing destination. Amazing brown and rainbow trout are in the rivers and lakes. A unique and consistent fishing pattern happens when fishing here.

Madeira, Portugal is a great fishing location. You will see the North Atlantic Ocean in its glory. An impressive list of marine life awaits anyone all year round. Giant tuna, white and blue marlins, mackerel, sharks are yours for the taking. Photos of your catch will be great memorabilia of your trip.


Deep-sea fishing is the way to go when you are in Florida. Marquesas Keys is located on the west coast of Key West, home to sharks and barracudas. The fishing season is from August until May.

Two bodies of water, the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Strait, surround the Florida Keys. A wide range of marine life is here like dolphins, kingfish, grouper, snapper, wahoo, barracuda, sailfish, jacks, and marlins.

Another place to check out when in Florida is Key Largo. With its tropical mangroves and one of the most fascinating botanical gardens in the state, one will enjoy fishing and snorkeling in this part of Florida. (Learn What Is Magnet Fishing)

The Best Fishing Trips Await You Everywhere

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On every continent, a grand fishing trip awaits you. From the Americas, Europe to Asia, anglers from all corners of the globe have countless destinations waiting for them. If travelling suits you and a keen sense of adventure, pack your bags for many days of fun and exploration in your perfect fishing escapade.

Best Fishing Trips in the World