How to Teach Your Kids to Fish

Teaching your kids to fish can be one of the most rewarding experiences for the both of you.

The problem is how do you teach the fishing principles to someone who has a short attention span, and wants to keep running and playing?

To summarize how to start fishing, you need to take thinks easy without bombarding them with an overload of information.

Teaching your kids to fish

Not only will you be dealing with water of different depths, you will be using hooks that can injure somebody if you are not careful.

Here, we will look at all you need to know. Over all this, you need to work toward the result slowly, and most of all, you all need to have fun fishing.

Generating Interest

There is no way you can teach a child to fish, who has no interest in doing so. Easy ways are to walk around lakes or rivers to spur on their curiosity. You can even head toward fishing haunts so your child can see fishing in action.

If it is safe around the water’s edge, and the water is clear, you can try to spot small minnows darting around.

At home, you can play a video for them to watch. One of the best being fishing shows comes from Scott Martin.

He has a video on YouTube. How to catch a Giant largemouth bass – Must Watch! Kid’s day on the water. Duration 21: 33 long. You can even watch this yourself without your kids for some extra tips from a pro.

This must watch, kids day fishing shows his daughters catching large bass. This can be a great incentive to get your kids stimulated.

Get Your Children Helping

Before taking your kids to be kitted out with fishing gear. You can take them on a fishing trip as your helper. On these occasions, it doesn’t matter if they want to play in between.

You can ask them to choose the location where you can cast from, and then you can explain why it may be a good location, or a bad location. If you catch a small fish, it is a good idea to get them to help reel it in.

Once it has been landed, get them to touch it as you remove the hook. You can also start teaching them about catch and release, and why this is a good idea to preserve nature.

Best Kids Fishing Gear

Once your child is comfortable and does want to progress further, it is time to get them their own rod. For young children, it can be better for them to start with kid’s fishing poles instead of rods and reels.

With these poles and the right bait and location, you can get them used to catching fish, so they will get even more excited, and want to progress further.

Using poles, your child can bait their own hook with live bait. You do want clear water so they can see the fish going for the bait.

Once they are used to this, you will want to be looking for kids fishing rods. The equipment will need to be the right size, and you can teach them all the basics at home without a hook in place.

The best fishing rod for kids will match their size, and make using the reel as easy as possible.

Whichever rod and reel combo you get, you can get them practicing releasing the line in the garden. This will be the hardest thing for them to master.

Some reels feed the fishing line through the center of the reel to avoid tangles rather than using a bail arm.

There are many rod and reel combos, or you can purchase a fishing pole combo that includes everything for them to get started. These are more for youth fishing, rather than for kids of a much younger age.

Using Barbless Hooks

Fishing with children can be exciting, but when they first begin casting, a hook snagging can cause some serious pain and discomfort.

Because of this, you can use barbless hooks. While the fish may get away for often than not, there are no barbs that can cause a hook to be truly snagged.

Because young anglers will only have fishing on their mind, you should have already gone some way to teach them how to use their fishing rods, how they can tie the correct fishing knots, and how to cast correctly and safely.

The best bait for children when fishing can be worms. They will have seen these and they won’t be as off-putting as maggots. It will also save them losing lures when they launch it into a tree or bush.

Kids fishing on their own

Kid’s Fishing Solo

Once your kids have learned all of the above, it will be time for them to fish on their own.

On your next fishing trip, you can leave them in their own spot, so they think they are all alone. While watching from afar, you will see how they are coping.

With the right safety gear for them, you can see from a distance if they are in trouble. Fishing for kids can do wonders in many areas of their lives.

They can become more independent, increase their logical thinking skills, and learn about the environment.

A lot of this like the releasing of the fish after they have been caught first begins with all the fishing regulations that are in place wherever you are fishing. A permit may be required on top of yours, and your child’s fishing license.

When teaching how your kids to fish, it can be a great bonding experience if you are new to the fishing scene. Parents who are already fisherman may not be able to teach fishing in the simplest of ways.

How to Teach Your Kids to Fish