Best Kayak For Dogs

We tested 5 products and found Intex Explorer K2 Kayak to be the best kayak for dogs.

Kayaking doesn’t mean you need to leave the family pet at home. Dogs may love water as much as any human, if not more. Kayaking with your dog can make a great day out as it can with the entire family.

Knowing a bit about dogs and kayaks, it made sense to conduct these reviews to offer information if you want to head out on the water and need to know which kayaks are suitable.

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The Intex K2 is a vastly liked 2-person kayak. However, it offers plenty of space for your dog. You can remove the seats if there is one adult, and then there are copious amounts of space.

The kayak is inflatable yet durable enough to eat with any dog’s feet, in case you are worried you may suffer from a puncture. (Find the Best Fish Finder For Kayaks)

The K2 offers a huge carrying capacity, so regardless of your dog size, there is little chance of you reaching the maximum. You can find more here of what this kayak offers compared to the others in our reviews.

Quick Overview

  • Intex Explorer K2 Kayak – The kayak offers an easy to transport option that takes minimal setup with everything included.
  • Intex Excursion Pro Kayak – You get a solid kayak that offers lots of space for all-day sailing.
  • Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe 2 Person Inflatable Sport Kayak – The kayak offers a massive amount of carrying capacity, which makes it ideal for large dogs.
  • Lifetime 10 Foot – The hard-shell kayak can hold up to three people or two and space for medium-sized dogs.
  • Perception Pescador Pilot 12 – Any angler who loves taking their dog along will find the Pescador Pilot ideal with the large tankwells for your pup’s comfort.

5 Best Kayaks for Dogs

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

1. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak – Best Overall

The Intex Explorer is very portable and easy to set up. It comes with all you need, such as paddles and a high-capacity air pump. It is made from highly durable vinyl material and offers more than enough space to house your pet.

Besides, you have ease of transportation as the kayak for your dog is lightweight and easy to carry.

With a guide price of just under $250, you get a great deal of sit-on-top kayak that is as much at home with a beginner as it is one of the best kayaks for dogs.

  • Hull design and stability make the inflatable vinyl construction rugged and very stable. It is one of the toughest models you can find in our kayaks for dogs reviews.
  • The hull offers three separate air chambers, so should you get a puncture, there’s little chance of your kayak sinking. Add in the floors I-Beam tubes construction; you get added rigidity on the water.
  • Deck and seating are comfortable and adjustable. You can easily sit two adults or one adult and a dog beside your gear.
  • Up front, there is space so your dog won’t feel cramped. The seats are large and comfortable for extended periods on the water.
  • Storage is catered for at the front and rear of the Explorer K2 and protected by the splash guards. You will find a repair kit in case of emergencies and a leak and a strong bag that makes transportation convenient.
  • The kayak comes with a removable SKEG if you need directional stability.

The Intex K2 is among the best recreational kayak options you can find. It is suitable for kayakers who are new to kayaking or want one of the best dog-friendly kayaks with plenty of room.

The inflated size of 10 feet 3 x 3 feet x 1 feet 8 inches; and a max weight capacity of 400 pounds offer enough size and capacity while being easy to control.

Intex Excursion Pro Kayak (1)

2. Intex Excursion Pro Kayak – Best Fishing Kayak for Dogs

The Intex Excursion is a premium product. It offers lots of space and is often among the best-rated kayaks for fishing as well as taking along a canine friend. The inflatable hull is very strong, so kayaking with dogs isn’t an issue.

With a guide price of just over $400, the tandem sit on top kayak is among the more costly, yet the material offers lots of durabilities to offer a great kayak option suitable for dogs or fishing to taking the family out.

  • The construction is durable, tough laminate made from vinyl and polyester. It is resistant to dog claws, abrasion, and sunlight.
  • Unlike many other inflatables, high-pressure inflation delivers supreme rigidity and stability, and you have added high-pressure spring-loaded valves for quick inflation or deflation.
  • You will find the addition of removable skews to deal with deep or shallow water, floor-mounted footrests, and the welcome inclusion of fishing rod holders.
  • For comfort, you have adjustable bucket seats, as well as a mounting bracket in case you have a GPS or fish finder.
  • Storage is catered for on the bow and stern with D rings for securing dry bags and your gear.
  • The kayak is 12 feet 7 inches in length, 37 inches wide, and can carry 400 pounds.


The Excursion Pro is the perfect choice for anyone who likes to take their furry friend out for the day, the person who likes time with family, or the angler who likes casual kayak fishing in their recreational kayak.

You will find it is one of the best that offers leg room and storage for more kayaking gear than sit-in kayaks ever can.

Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe 2 Person Inflatable Sport Kayak

3. Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe 2 Person Inflatable Sport Kayak – Best Inflatable Kayak for dogs

The Sea Eagle is inflatable and comes with two seating positions like most other tandem kayaks. The Eagle 330 offers a max carrying capacity of 500 pounds, which you can compare to standard solid kayaks.

It is large, yet it can be inflated in a manner of minutes once you get an idea of how to do it correctly. The kayak is also only 26 lbs in weight, so easy to carry to the water’s edge.

With a guide price of just under $290, you get a great kayak and accessories for the money.

  • The 2-person kayak has a massive carrying capacity, while the weight of the kayak is lightweight. It is very durable and suitable for up to Class III whitewater.
  • The 11 feet long by 34 inches, wide-body comes with three inflated chambers located in the floor, starboard, and port. It is fast to inflate and offers lots of durability in the 33 mil polykrylar hull material and welded seams. It also offers I-beam floor construction for more rigidity.
  • Inflatable spray skirts protect storage.
  • The kayak comes with all you need, and you get full backup with the three-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • You can also find 2 SKEGS on the underside for tracking and speed.


You will find this is among the best occasional whitewater kayaks thanks to the construction; thus, it is suitable for anyone wanting to take along their canine companion. It covers many use scenarios and is suitable for the lake, river, or light sea if you don’t venture too far offshore.

Lifetime 10 Foot

4. Lifetime 10 Foot – Best Tandem Kayak for Dogs

You won’t find any chance of your pup putting a hole in this tough kayak. It is the first solid-bodied kayak in our reviews and offers lots of features.

The brand is well-known, and this model, a crowd favorite, easily sits two paddlers or adult people, yet it has been known to sit a child or dog as well. The small size belies the carrying capacity of this small ten-foot kayak.

  • You don’t need an air pump with this kayak as it uses a blow-molded high-density polyethylene design for superior strength and durability.
  • It has a huge 500 pounds carrying capacity. To make sure it’s safe, it provides stability, great tracking from the UV-Protected Polyethylene construction that will resist fading, cracking, and other wear and tear.
  • It caters to all sizes of paddlers thanks to the many footrests and adjustable backrests.
  • The kayak can be used for fishing, including rod holders and an accessory carrier behind the rear seat.
  • You get double-ended paddles, and the unique tunnel hull makes it suitable for standing when fishing. The backrests offer support, yet the seating part is on the bottom of the boat.

The Lifetime 10-foot hard shell kayak is for anyone serious about the sport and keen on doing some fishing more often than not. The hard shell will last for years, and the rough guide price of just under $950 is a bit of an investment.

The kayak can suit a family, or for the days you want to go out on your kayak with a dog for some quiet time. If you want assurance, then the Lifetime kayak comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Perception Pescador Pilot 12

5. Perception Pescador Pilot 12 – Best Sit on Top Kayak for Dogs

If you consider a Perception Pescador Pro, you need to be serious. The USA-made pedal canoe is expensive yet can be more accessible than rivals offering the same features.

The 12 foot and 34-inch-wide kayak is highly durable and already set up for fishing. It carries one person, yet it is a kayak with dog seat in the nearest sense. Dogs have their own platform so that they won’t feel cramped.

  • Fishing gear can go anywhere with the many large tankwells.
  • The body is stable, comfortable, and comes fishing ready with all the rod holders and gear tracks included and fixed in position.
  • The Perception Pescador Pro 12 is a fantastic kayak for anglers who enjoy taking their dogs on fishing adventures.
  • Fishing gear can go anywhere with the many large tankwells.
  • The body is stable, comfortable, and comes fishing ready with all the rod holders and gear tracks included and fixed in position.
  • Hull Design and stability are improved with the roto-molded HDPE hull makes the Pescador Pro among the toughest kayaks on the market. It easily resists dog nails, bumps, and anything else that can hit you on the water.
  • The one-piece construction is leakproof.
  • Comfort comes from the two-position mesh seat and sliding for braces. With pedal power, you don’t need to worry about paddling while you can relax and use your feet.

The Kayak Pescador Pilot is intended for keen anglers, and this is reflected in the guide price. At just under $1700, it is for the keen angler who venture about as much as they can. It is also among the best kayaks that cater to dogs who have their own space.

The tandem sit on top kayak is a far cry from inflatable kayaks, yet it deals with a very different group of individuals.

blue kayak with dog

Kayaks for Dogs Buying guide

When you want a good kayak for your dog, you need to consider this a bit differently. Here’s what you need to know. (Find the Best Trolling Motor For Kayaks)

Types of Kayaks

Recreational kayaks

You’ll find these are chiefly enclosed boats and suited for casual paddlers on calmer waters, like lakes or small rivers. They come with oversized cockpits than sit-on-top kayaks and also wider hulls. They offer stability, yet they are not good for tracking.

Recreational kayaks are suitable for small to medium-sized dogs only but are not suitable for large dogs unless you purchase a tandem recreational kayak with a second seat.

Sit-on-top kayaks

Sit-on-top-kayaks are an open boat in essence. They offer plenty of room and stability while being dog-friendly.

It doesn’t matter on the type, so long as your furry friend can fit comfortably.

Certain types of kayaks should be avoided when kayaking with your dog: sea kayaks and whitewater kayaks.

Durable Material

Kayaks need to be sturdy while made from durable material. It can be from claws, or the potential of chewing that could lead to damage.


Dog kayaking in an inflatable kayak or hard-shell needs lots of space. It is why a fishing kayak can be suitable, as these offer space for a dog to move around and get comfy.

Tandem kayaks offer you the chance to have more space, especially if they want to lie down. Besides this, it is good practice for any dog to wear a life vest if you capsize or jump overboard.


Kayaking with your pooch is fun, but they won’t understand stability. The kayak has to be as stable as possible, hence the reason a fishing kayak can suit. If you can stand and cast, then a kayak won’t flip when a pooch leans to look in the water.

What’s the bottom line?

It would be easy to throw money at the solution and pick the best kayak for your pooch. However, not every person has that luxury. For all-around price to performance and suitability, the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak came out on top.

It is very comfortable for any passenger to sit in, dogs included, and even if you tandem sit, you can squeeze a small dog in with you.

It is durable and can last years of dog kayaking before you decide you need to upgrade to something more specific to your needs.

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