Can One Person Use A Two Person Kayak

Kayaking is a fantastic way to spend the day on the water with friends and family.

Kayaking trips are rewarding, and you can explore places not possible by other means.

Paddling in a kayak or other water sports vessel offers a fantastic workout, which is much better than spending time in the gym.

Several people kayaking

With many share such trips for fun as well as safety, there is an increase in the latest trend of multi-person kayaks. (Read Kayaking with Your Dog)

It makes things easier when several people and carrying kayaks on vehicles are no longer a struggle as two can now carry double the number of people.

The question is, what happens when you wish to go kayaking alone? If you don’t have someone else to go with you, you may think it’s not ideal to go out on a kayak built for two people.

However, in our guide, you can learn all you need to know about kayaking in tandem kayaks made for more than one person.

Are Kayaks Only for One Person?

You often hear this question when someone is shopping for a kayak. Often, paddlers may think they will be kayaking alone, although this is merely one aspect of the sport.

When you paddle alone, you can get a better workout than if you go out with your wife, yet tandem kayaks do allow you to experience more together. Once you find you don’t have to have a single-seater, there are things to consider with tandems.

The weight of a double seater kayak is one of the top issues compared to a solo kayak.

What is a Two-Person Kayak Called?

Many individuals call kayaks for many people two-person kayaks, although much like the old bicycles. Kayaks of this type are called tandem kayaks.

A tandem kayak is often larger and will come with two seats that sit one behind the other.

Tandem kayaks can be ideal to enjoy an afternoon on a lake or heading downriver. You may think tandem kayaks are just for the quieter water, yet you can buy a tandem kayak for any purpose.

You can hit the rapids on the river in the same ways as if you were in a kayak alone, although the skills you need are going to be different when there is another person.

A tandem kayak is a great way of adventuring, or they can be an ideal vessel for a spot of kayak fishing thanks to their stability.

Which is Better Single or Double Kayak?

Before looking where you will sit when paddling alone, here are some advantages and disadvantages of using tandem or solo kayaks.

Single Seat Kayaks


  • Solo kayaks offer freedom.
  • You can do what you want and won’t argue about paddling when there are two people.
  • A solo kayak is lighter and easier to transport.
  • Solo kayaks are also handy for kayak fishing


  • A solo kayak isn’t suitable as a boat for taking small children on.
  • If you wish to take other family members, you’d have to resort to purchasing other kayaks or at very least inflatable kayaks.

Tandem Kayaks


  • Tandem kayaks allow you to spend time together or the ideal beginner boat to take children on the water
  • Synchronous paddling may not be easy to begin with, yet it can help you reach faster speeds and travel further on your boat.
  • A tandem kayak is more expensive than a solo, yet cheaper than two single kayaks. Modern inflatable kayaks are cheaper than both alternatives.


  • Paddling and steering together are the most significant downsides to many tandem kayak excursions.
  • Using a kayak for two-person is possible, yet some tandem kayaks are sluggish because of weight.
  • The isn’t much storage space for two individuals’ gear.
  • When kayak fishing with two people, you can’t use inflatable kayaks, and you do need proper fishing kayaks in most instances.

Where Do You Sit in a 2 Person Kayak?

Before seeing where you would sit, you can find convertible inflatable kayaks. You can remove seats, although you need to make sure you can locate the seats in the middle of the kayak.

Some inflatable convertible kayaks even have the option and space for a small child to sit. You can find this is toward the front or even behind the front seat.

Three kayaks for two persons

However, it can get uncomfortable and make the experience not a great way to first head off onto a lake.

If you are using a tandem kayak alone, then you want to look at arranging the seats like you can in a great inflatable design.

You would be restricted to certain options, although you should have the option to position the seat in the center of the kayak.

You will find this is the way to go, as it offers the most control over the vessel.

It makes the kayak easier to paddle when solo, and you would get the closest experience to being in a single-seat solo kayak. (Read How To Get Out Of A Kayak With Bad Knees)

If you can’t relocate the seat to the middle, then sitting in the rear, and you will get the next best solution to paddle effectively while steering.

What you do need to do is pack some of your gear toward the front for even weight distribution. Boats perform well when they are evenly balanced.

Never try and sit in the front and think you have a good view. You won’t like it after a while, and you will find pulling boats through the water is not as effective or as enjoyable as pushing them you do when paddling in a decent position.

Can One Person Use A Two Person Kayak