Jimmy Styks Thresher Review

Since his debut on the SUP scene in 2009, Jimmy Styks became a popular choice for many newcomers to the sport.

Many paddlers were interested in the company’s hard, soft top and inflatable SUPs. More often than not, Jimmy Styks paddle board reviews were highly favorable, and there were many fans right until the last outing.

You can find inflatable paddle boards by Jimmy Styks, ranging in lengths from 10.4 to 14 feet. What made them great was all the paddle board accessories needed to get you started were included with their boards.

Jimmy Styks established a brand catering to a broad spectrum of paddlers by offering a diverse choice of inflatable and rigid stand-up paddle boards.

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The Jimmy Styks Thresher inflatable board was rated among the best inflatable stand-up paddleboards. (Read Is Kayaking Good Exercise)

Here, in our Jimmy Styks Thresher kayak review, our evaluation of the board reviewed can help you decide if you are trying to search for a brand-new board or a replacement board to take on camping trips.

Quick Summary

Compared to similar items, the Jimmy Styks Thresher Inflatable Paddle Board is one of the tops suggested boards for paddleboarding novices. The paddleboard can easily traverse through still water thanks to the retractable fin.

The hand paddle that comes with it can be adjusted. As a result, it’d be great for older teens to master the technique. It is light enough to carry in a backpack, and one person may do inflation and deflation.

Customers who bought the Jimmy Styks Thresher Inflatable Paddle Board said:

  • The board is lightweight and maneuverable in the water.
  • Because of the large weight limit and stability wise, it can carry multiple bodies, such as a dog.
  • Even with modest waves in the water, the board maintains its firmness between 12 and 15 psi.
  • It is easy to re-inflate the paddleboard during a few hours of use.
  • It can be inflated with a car air mattress inflater.
  • One person stated it’s hard to spot if the paddle is floating in the dark water if you drop it. They added a couple foam cuffs and bright yellow rope.
  • A tiny hole with bubbles coming from the paddleboard is a common manufacturers defect complaint.
  • Packs down well to be taken through airline baggage multiple times and board arrived unscathed.

Jimmy Styks Thresher Review

If you have read all the reviews, you can see some users moan about the manufacturer defects. However, with any tourist boats of this nature, you’ll always find it challenging for every great purchase to hold air as you expect. (Learn How Much Weight Can A Kayak Hold)

With a couple small tweeks in manufacturing or using a repair kit, you could find no need to replace board. However, there are many a helpful report to say Jimmy Styks were very understanding, and board replaced, and board arrived in a short time.

If users figured Jimmy Styks would change a damaged board that wasn’t from a manufacturer’s defect, you would find the manufacturer unwilling to change the board. Too much inflation is a common cause and the same as you find with other boards.

Here’s a bit more about the best isle paddle board for beginners and veteran SUP fans.


The Thresher, like most high-quality iSUPs, is packed with features that help it stand out. You’ll have to decide for yourself as we go through each feature in this section of the review. The Thresher has the following features:

A high-quality traction pad that covers the back part of the animal. It’s so thick that it adds to the board’s rigidity. Despite this, it’s so soft that I guarantee you won’t grow bored of standing or kneeling on it. The pad also covers the area where you may secure your cargo with the bungee system, ensuring that it does not fall off.

The bungee cord system, which comprises four robust stainless-steel D-rings coupled with a bungee tie, allows you to secure items such as your gear, sandals, and more.

A fifth D-ring is on the board’s tail, which can attach a safety leash if needed.

On the Thresher, there are three carry handles: one in the center and the other two on the sides. They’re stiff and designed to make transporting the inflated board a breeze.

As is customary, the navigation system is represented by a single substantial central fin that may be removed for easier packaging once the board is deflated. Make sure you don’t lose the screw that holds the fin to the board to be safe. This fin allows the Thresher to track well, and it is also easy to control and steer.

One user tip was to replace the metal screw with a twist tie, and from then, no screw driver needed to add or remove the fin.

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The Thresher is 10.8 feet long, 31 inches broad, and about 6 inches thick, which is a decent size for virtually everyone. In other words, if you can find this board, grab it no matter if you are a beginner, a middle-level paddler, or an accomplished expert.

The Thresher’s proportions make it one of the best iSUPs you can get your hands on, as these measurements provide a lot of stability. It is a proven truth that the broader and thicker an iSUP is, the more stable it is.

Based on what you can find on the market, these measurements are the best you can get for any iSUP between 10 and 14 feet long. Also, if you look at the design of the Thresher, you’ll note that it includes a nose rocker, which keeps the board safe and undamaged if it comes into contact with rocky coastlines from the many waves you can encounter.



The craftsmanship of Jimmy Styks parts is immaculate; there are no glue blemishes or sloppy edges to be found.

The Thresher is made of nylon with a PVC core and drop-stitch construction. This comprises a top and bottom fabric layer held by a network of nylon “tethers” and a drop-stitch core that allows the cavity to withstand high pressure while keeping its shape and rigidity.


Because the Thresher is designed for beginning paddlers, you can tell that it is built to be more stable than other performance areas.

On flat water, however, it’s responsive and easy to control. This board can support 270 pounds while maintaining a tight stance. In terms of speed, it’s not the fastest, but it’s a great place to start for a newbie. (Learn Where Can I Leave My Car Overnight)

These materials help in maintaining form from the many layers assembled to create a robust, light, and strong inflatable board that can be readily transported.

Grab handles on the sides are ideal if you jump off for a swim or take an unexpected dunk and need to get back on your board without needing to try a third time. Many who made a purchase love how stable the board is, and it’s easy to see why it hits top reviews.


The Thresher comes in one of those delightful bundles that includes everything you could need to handle an inflatable board, including:

A two-piece adjustable travel paddle made of aluminum. It isn’t the lightest paddle on the market, but it is convenient and can be used by anyone of any height. It also has a T-shape grip for a secure and comfortable grip.

A hand pump with a gauge allows you to pump the Thresher in under 5 minutes if you work hard enough. It can take a while, and some used car pumps for the first section and the second portion inflated by hand to 15 psi.

There’s also a 10-foot coil leash, which is very cool. You’ll never be far from your iSUP if you wear it. It’s long-lasting and quite comfy to wear.

A repair kit with a valve handle is included, but you may not need it.

Finally, for optimal portability, the Thresher comes with its carry backpack. The bag is well-made and large enough to transport both the deflated board and the other goods. The shoulder straps are wide, allowing you to carry the backpack comfortably without straining your shoulders.

When shipped, the packaging is suitable to arrive or go to a different country, and the small pack-down size makes the Jimmy Styks easy to store in your car or carry on your back for a few days when hitting the trails in between water bodies.


  • It’s made of military-grade PVC and features nylon tethers for added strength.
  • The removable fin on the Jimmy Styks Inflatable Paddle Board makes it simple to maneuver.
  • Most budgets can afford this inflatable paddle board.
  • Because it is 31 inches wide and nearly 6 inches thick, it is great for beginner paddlers.
  • The soft traction pad is strong and robust, with a convenient bungee system.
  • The paddle board’s nose is shaped so that it glides through the water with little resistance.
  • An accessory kit is included with the Jimmy Styks Inflatable Paddle Board. It comes with a paddle that can be adjusted, a stabilizer fin, a pump with a psi gauge, a repair kit, and a backpack-style carrying case.


  • The manual pump can take a long time to inflate the paddle board. It is faster and easier to use an air compressor.
  • Although the adjustable paddle is aluminum and will float, it is heavier than most competitors’ paddles and hard to see.
  • The Jimmy Styks Inflatable Paddle Board navigates effectively in the water, but it may not travel as quickly as more experienced paddleboarders would want.

Jimmy Styks Thresher Specifications

  • Dimensions 10’8″ x 31″ x 5.88″
  • Material: Military-grade PVC
  • Weight Capacity: 270 lbs
  • D-rings: 4 “D” rings attached with a bungee cord for carrying or attaching gear. 1 extra D-ring for leash on the tail
  • Recommended PSI: 15 – 20 PSI
  • Fins: 1 x removable fin hardware
  • Carry handles: 3 carry handles
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

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Who makes Jimmy Styks?

Jimmy Styks LLC was a designer and marketer of stand-up paddle (SUP) boards and was sold to Vista Outdoor.

Is Jimmy Styks still in business?

Unfortunately, it appears Jimmy Styks is no longer in business, and paddle boards are no longer for sale. However, there are still vast amounts of search traffic searching for Jimmy Styks in the top departments online.

How do you deflate Jimmy Styks paddleboard?

Begin by locating the valve handle. Rotate the valve cap counterclockwise to release it. To deflate, press the pin down to lock it in the “Down” position. The board quickly expels air as the same model would do.

And Finally…

When checking the Jimmy Styks, there are many positives to the SUP, and it is easy to see why it was so popular.

However, finding them new can be nearly impossible, and locating a used one can also be a challenge. (Learn How Long Does Aloe Vera Last)

However, if you are in the market for a SUP, then it is worth keeping your eyes open and grabbing one of these SUP paddle boards. Add to that, if you see one, a helpful report where you found them would be appreciated by the SUP public, as stock may only last a few hours.

The board was a great addition, and it is hard to see which is the best SUP to replace it.

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