Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

We tested 5 products and found Kohree Kayak Cover to be the best kayak covers. For most of the kayaking population, kayaking is an activity for the summer. However, some brave souls venture out in colder weather.

Most of us search for a dry storage place and out of the sun through the winter. Were you aware that winter exposure can cause kayak damage?

The Kohree waterproof kayak cover is ideal as it is fully waterproof and can protect against harmful UV rays.

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Besides this, there is little chance it will come off in high winds as it secures by two different methods. (Find the Best Kayak For Dogs)

We’ve taken the time to check the best kayak covers you can currently find in 2021, carry on and find out more about this great kayak cover and the other few suitable alternatives.

 Quick Overview

  • Kohree Kayak Cover Canoe Storage Dust Cover Waterproof – Made from premium material with a silver backing for enhanced UV protection.
  • MAYMII 2.6m-6m/7.8-18ft – Offers heavy-duty storage from the durable Oxford Taffeta material.
  • Classic Accessories StormPro Waterproof Heavy-Duty 12 Ft Kayak/Canoe Cover – Offers a kayak bag with zippers rather than a drawstring option.
  • GYMTOP 7.8-18ft Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover-Storage Dust Cover – Perfect for off-season storage thanks to the ripstop fabric.
  • Anzid Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover for Outdoor Storage – Made from durable material to protect against sun, snow, and rain

5 Best Kayak Covers

Kohree Kayak Cover Canoe Storage Dust Cover Waterproof

1. Kohree Kayak Cover Canoe Storage Dust Cover Waterproof – Best Overall

The Kohree Kayak Cover is made of premium Oxford polyester and a thick silver coating. This material is fully waterproof and helps resist UV and other weather-related damage better than other materials.

You have two options for available sizes, and the durable material sits snugly to keep all the important parts of your kayak protected.

This storage bag features two straps and an elastic drawstring built-in. The straps help hold the kayak cover in position in high winds and stop it from collapsing when you store your kayak face up in the rain or snow. (Find the Best Kayak Fish Finders)

  • The bag style cover comes in two different sizes and fits a wide range of kayaks from 10.7 to 11.4 feet or 11.8 to 13.1 feet.
  • The easy to fit and remove bag style cover can be used for many vessels
  • The kayak cover is easy to fit and remove and can be used during transportation and storage.
  • Fabric construction is made from durable silver-coated Oxford UV-resistant polyester.
  • The kayak cover closure has an elastic drawstring and two durable straps for extra room and added protection.

The Kohree cover is all you need for inside or outside storage. It is also suitable for anyone who wants to keep their kayak covered for short-distance travel or who wishes to keep their kayak and gear covered overnight when on extended river trips.

With a guide price of just over $30, it is an affordable option for anyone who wants full protection for their kayak, fishing boat, or other vessels falling into these sizes.

MAYMII 2.6m-6m 7.8-18ft

2. MAYMII 2.6m-6m/7.8-18ft – Best Value Kayak Cover

Wherever you store your kayak or canoe, the MAYMII kayak storage bag will keep it safe. It’s made of durable 210-denier oxford taffeta, which is UV-resistant, waterproof, and dust-resistant.

The material of the bag is luscious to the touch, which helps repel water in bad weather. The kayak cover features an elastic drawstring for easy fitting and removal of your kayak.

This is a great kayak storage bag to safeguard your kayak from both the elements and stop undesired critters nesting during the off-season.

  • This bag is available for kayaks from 7.8 feet up to 16 feet and 18 feet in length.
  • The kayak cover is made of UV 50+ reflecting materials and waterproof 210D Durable Oxford Taffeta. It does, however, state not to use it for prolonged sun exposure.
  • The drawstring holds the cover in place, stops unwanted vermin and dust from getting inside your kayak over extended periods.
  • The cover is a quick on and off solution and is more suited to indoor storage than outdoor, where it faces heavy rain and snow.

With a guide price starting at just under $20, you’ll find this a decent solution if your storage won’t be exposed to the sun for too long and it is covered by other means.

The cover may be better suited to overnight use on kayaking tips or to keep the dust off when storing kayaks indoors.

Classic Accessories StormPro Waterproof Heavy-Duty 12 Ft Kayak Canoe Cover

3. Classic Accessories StormPro Waterproof Heavy-Duty 12 Ft Kayak/Canoe Cover – Best Heavy-Duty Kayak Storage Cover

The Classic Accessories storage bags are available in two sizes. This bag is designed to give you plenty of room to store extra gear in addition to your kayak.

Paddles, PFDs, and your other kayaking gear can be stored alongside your kayak and sheltered from the elements.

Storage bags take longer to put on your kayak or canoe yet provide reliable protection because the material does not shrink or stretch.

It closes with a zipper, and while it is extremely safe, it is not suitable for rooftop travel.

  • The Heavy-Duty deluxe kayak storage bag is made from High strength 600D polyester StormPro with fabric coating technology for maximum water-resistant and repellency, which is also PVC-Free.
  • You get a stuff sack for storing the cover, and you are covered by a 5-year warranty.
  • The storage bag for kayaks comes in a range of sizes and fits vessels up to 12 feet long.
  • The kayak storage bag can protect against the harshest of weather, yet it should be stored upside down so the water won’t enter the zipper.
  • The material is a good way to protect a pro angler kayak from UV exposure.
  • The all-season bag storage comes with 4 convenient carry handles.

With a guide price of just under $50, this kayak storage bag is aimed at someone who knows they will be keeping their kayak stored for extended periods.

The storage bags offer some of the best UV-resistant protection for a pro angler who wants to protect your kayak, yet you have to position it so rain won’t gather and run through the zipper fasting.

GYMTOP 7.8-18ft Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover-Storage Dust Cover (1)

4. GYMTOP 7.8-18ft Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover-Storage Dust Cover – Best Value Kayak Cover

The GYMTOP Waterproof kayak storage bag is made with polyester. It’s a lightweight, long-lasting storage bag that also shields your kayak from harmful UV rays.

It also has an elastic pull string and roll and clip closure for an adjustable fit that makes it easy to secure in place. You can choose from a range of 7 sizes to fit kayaks up to 16 feet and 18 feet in length.

It’s simple to use as a one-time cover or a lengthier way to solve off-season storage and has reinforced seams for added protection.

  • The GYMTOP kayak cover is made from upgraded 300D Durable Oxford Taffeta material with a glossy surface and silver-backed interior.
  • The material won’t fade, rip and will stop harmful UV rays from reaching your kayak and gear.
  • The interior of the kayak storage cover comprises double-stitched seams for added water protection.
  • For protection against high winds, there are three adjustable straps and the wrap-around elastic annular on the cover.
  • The outdoor storage cover comes with a storage bag for when not in use.

If you want to protect your kayak in the best way, then the GYMTOP can be a brilliant solution for kayak or canoe. It is water-repellent, and with the added straps, there is little chance it will come off in high winds.

With a guide price starting just under $24, this is a great option for anyone who needs suitable kayak covers storage options for their kayak exposed to the elements or merely as a dust prevention system when stored in a garage.

Anzid Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover for Outdoor Storage (1)

5. Anzid Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover for Outdoor Storage – Cheapest Kayak Storage Cover

The Anzid waterproof kayak cover is made from sun reflecting, waterproof premium polyester material.

There are added straps to keep the cover taut to stop water or snow pooling, which also helps in strong winds.

With a guide price of just under $30, the Anzid storage covers are affordable for many uses.

  • The Anzid cover is made from premium polyester material that is water repellent and can protect against snow and the sun.
  • There are three adjustable straps to help prevent the fabric from bowing under the weight to hold the elasticated cover in position.
  • The cover comes with a thick shoulder pad carry strap, so you can carry your kayak while it is protected.
  • The cover comes in various sizes and fits kayaks from just over ten feet to fit kayaks or paddle boards up to 14.7 feet in length.

The waterproof cover makes it a good option for anyone who wants to keep their kayak protected as much as possible. With the shoulder strap’s inclusion, you can quickly protect your boat and use the strap to move to the next spot of water.

If you are on an extended kayak adventure, this can be a great way to get around while keeping your gear away from the effects of the weather or animals.

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Best Kayak Cover Buying guide

Kayak covers differ from cockpit covers as these only protect the opening of a boat. A cover fit’s like a sock or bag to protect the entire vessel.

Cockpit covers can stop moisture and critters from getting in your boat, yet it doesn’t do much for protecting your kayak against dust and UV damage. To get the right fit, consider different cover styles, your storage needs, or your transportation and your kayak.

Covers Protect Kayaks

You need to understand what you are protecting when storing your kayak and buying a kayak cover.

Kayak bodies are typically fiberglass or heavy-duty materials such as polyethylene along with other materials on seats. Most materials are durable, yet they can be susceptible to the environment’s effects, such as UV rays.


When choosing a boat cover, the type of material can make all the difference; however, they should have similar characteristics. Materials need to be fully waterproof, offer protection against UV rays, and rip-proof.

Kayak covers with zips instead of drawstrings should be double stitched, and seams are lined to assure you of waterproofing over extended periods. If possible, it is better to use marine-grade polyester or the equivalent of such.


Materials that offer waterproofing often come with a multi-year warranty. Also, the material should be clearly water-resistant. The most common are Polyester and Oxford Taffeta, and which offer extended waterproofing capabilities over time.

One of the most important things is the tautness of your marine-grade cover when it covers your kayak. If the kayak storage bag comes with straps rather than relying on an elasticated waist, then you can strap it tightly.

Water and snow can’t pool as the fabric won’t sag and let the water soak through over time.


The most harmful of all environmental factors your boat can face is UV damage from sunlight as it easily damages materials it damages human skin.

UV weakens plastics and gives them a chalky appearance, the color fades, and the plastic will become brittle and crack under pressure.

Should you keep your kayak outdoors or in line of direct light, a good quality kayak cover creates an important barrier between the sun and your boat.

Mold and Mildew

If you don’t stop water from getting in your kayak, you can suffer from mold or mildew. Besides this, you can find any dirt, dust, or salt all contribute to the inside of your kayak becoming a mold-friendly environment.

While mold looks horrible, it is also harmful to humans and should be prevented rather than treated.

Animal Damage

A kayak cover can go a long way to stopping damage from animals. Failing to do so means you may have to clear nest-mess out of the inside of your kayak or replace items that have been chewed.

Easy-to-spot damage can be fixed, yet other areas can cause issues when on the water, such as chewed grab handles, decklines, or other areas that can prove potentially dangerous when on the water.


Not all kayak covers are suitable to keep your kayak safe in transportation. If possible, it is better to find one that is as they stop wind buffering against your kayak by making it more streamlined.

Besides this, there are roads traveled that are not paved and can contain stones or gravel.

A taut cover can protect your kayak from flying debris as well as an aerodynamic kayak cover increasing gas mileage and reducing wind noise.

Sizing a Kayak Cover

Before ordering, you need to know the size of your kayak, so you can avoid finding you can’t get it to fit. (Find the Best Kayak Trolling Motors)

Kayak covers come in different sizes, and some can be adjustable by a drawstring or from added adjustable clips or buckles.

Take a tape measure and measure from bow to stern and also the depth of the kayak or vessel. Also, make sure to account for your kayak’s seat.

What’s the bottom line?

When testing, there were quite a few things to consider. Price was one, as was the performance and features of the covers. It was quickly clear the Kohree Kayak Cover would come out as the favorite for a few reasons.

It offered full protection while being very easy to fit and remove from your vessel. With the straps’ inclusion, it was one of the few kayak covers that were suitable for use on a kayak carrier in your vehicle.

Besides this, the fabric was among the most durable and offered more than enough security through the elastic drawstring.

While there aren’t many added features, it excels at what it was intended for and is the best waterproof kayak cover for the money.

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