Best Kayak Stake Out Poles

We tested 5 products and found Shallow Water Anchor Pin to be the best Kayak Stake Out Pole.

We found that heading out into marshes or shallow water, it is vital to carry a stakeout pole. When you are busy reeling in fish, you don’t want to drift or snag your line on your anchor when you are in skinny water.

If your kayak wanders, sight fishing can be challenging. When the high tide rolls in, and the currents become more serious later in the day, you’ll need a way to stay stable and motionless while still being nimble enough to move around and pursue fish.

Our Choice
SuperStick Shallow Water Anchor Pin Kit, 5/8" x 7'
YakGear - YakStick Floating Stake-Out Stick - 6 Foot
YakAttack ParkNPole 6' Stakeout Pole
Power-Pole 8' Ultra-Lite Spike
YakAttack ParkNPole Link 8 Foot, 2 Piece Stakeout / Push Pole (PNPL-8)
SuperStick Shallow Water Anchor Pin Kit, 5/8" x 7'
YakGear - YakStick Floating Stake-Out Stick - 6 Foot
YakAttack ParkNPole 6' Stakeout Pole
Power-Pole 8' Ultra-Lite Spike
YakAttack ParkNPole Link 8 Foot, 2 Piece Stakeout / Push Pole (PNPL-8)
Our Choice
SuperStick Shallow Water Anchor Pin Kit, 5/8" x 7'
SuperStick Shallow Water Anchor Pin Kit, 5/8" x 7'
YakGear - YakStick Floating Stake-Out Stick - 6 Foot
YakGear - YakStick Floating Stake-Out Stick - 6 Foot
YakAttack ParkNPole 6' Stakeout Pole
YakAttack ParkNPole 6' Stakeout Pole
Power-Pole 8' Ultra-Lite Spike
Power-Pole 8' Ultra-Lite Spike
YakAttack ParkNPole Link 8 Foot, 2 Piece Stakeout / Push Pole (PNPL-8)
YakAttack ParkNPole Link 8 Foot, 2 Piece Stakeout / Push Pole (PNPL-8)

Grapnel anchors and drift socks work well enough in deeper water, but they are less successful in the shallow water; we and many others like fishing.

The stake-out pole is the preferred shallow water anchor. But how do you use one, what alternatives do you have, and how do you secure it to your boat? (Read Is Kayaking Good Exercise)

All of this and more may be found in our guide. By the end of our comparison reviews, you’ll have a better understanding of the many kayak anchor pole options and what to look for when buying one.

Quick Overview

  1. Shallow Water Anchor Pin: The Shallow Water Anchor Pin, often referred to as a shallow water anchor, is made of strong Aircraft-Grade Fiberglass Rod and is a must-have for shallow water anchoring in any boat.
  2. YakGear: The YakStick Floating Stake-Out Stick makes anchoring in shallow waters simple and quiet.
  3. YakAttack ParkNPole Stakeout Pole: A great one-piece pole for most kayak use with all the features of its two-piece sibling.
  4. Power-Pole 8′: These new spikes provide a strong and secure hold for kayaks, paddleboards, and even skiffs and smaller bay boats, regardless of your fishing style.
  5. YakAttack ParkNPole Link 8 Foot: It’s small, light, and super tough, making it the ideal companion for shallow-water fishing.

5 Best Kayak Stake Out Poles

Shallow Water Anchor Pin

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1. Shallow Water Anchor Pin – Best Overall Stake Out Pole

The Shallow Water Anchor Pin comes with rope, durable storage clips to bestowed on your kayak. The effective anchor pole or stake-out stick is suitable for shallow water up to 7ft in depth.

Every shallow water anchor is made from strong Aircraft-Grade Fiberglass and is a must for any boat anchoring in shallow water.

The Superstick comes with a reliable tip for hard water beds and a UV inhibitor to avoid deterioration from the sun.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for all kayak fishermen in waters up to 7 feet.
  • Preferred T-handle style
  • The 5/8″diameter is suitable for a smaller Jon boat, flats boat fishing, or shallow water skiff less than 17 ft, kayak, or SUP (stand-up paddle board).
  • It features a corrosion resistance construction from aircraft-grade fiberglass and a secure aluminum spike to avoid splintering.

With a guide price starting under $65, you get all you need for a range of vessels. It is easy to fasten with the cinching lanyard and fixing it to your kayak is easy with the included clips.

The weight is negligible at 3.4 pounds, so you won’t find it affecting balance no matter which side you fix it on. Any angler kayaking into shallow waters won’t break the bank with the inclusion of the best stake out pole for the money. (Learn How Many Calories Does Kayaking Burn)

YakGear - YakStick Floating Stake Out Stick

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2. YakGear – YakStick Floating Stake Out Stick – Best Floating Stake Out Pole

Any angler can use the YakGear to choose whether or not they wish to use a stakeout pole.

In shallow waters up to 6 feet, the YakStick Floating Stake-Out Stick provides effortless and silent anchoring. It’s shallow for shallow coastal waters, lakes, and moderate streams. The new multi-purpose handle provides a secure grasp for pushing through a variety of hard bottoms and can be flipped over to serve as a mud foot or push-off.

Features and Benefits

  • The YakGear YakStick floats, so you don’t need to worry about snagging if you lose your grip.
  • The Yakstick floater comes with foam handles for extra grip when pushing into the bed of the water.
  • The handle and the tip are made from heavy-duty nylon.
  • You can flip the stakeout stick and use the handle as a push-off, push pole or use in muddy water beds.
  • The 6 ft pole weighs 1.35 pounds and has 7/8 of an inch thickness for durability and strength.
  • The pole is made from vertical and horizontal protrusions-formed fiberglass for unsurpassed strength.

With a rough guide price under $50, you get a robust kayak fishing anchor pole, yet the stake-out pole doesn’t come with any lanyard or fixings. The pole is a good introductory offering, so long as you get the right thickness of lanyard to fit through the handle holes on offer.

YakAttack ParkNPole Stakeout Pole

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3. YakAttack ParkNPole Stakeout Pole – Best Lightweight Pole

Much like its two-piece counterpart, this anchor pole is great for many kayak fishing. The only actual difference is it is all one piece. They have a 6 ft and 7ft 8-inch model.

Features and Benefits

  • All model construction is UV stable fiberglass and nylon tip and handle. The stake-out pole is easy to maneuver in the water when inserting or to change position.
  • The yak pole comes in either 6 foot or 7′ 8″ length models.
  • Highly durable and made from specially formed fiberglass.
  • Wear-resistant tip and foot that is also UV resistant.
  • Foam grips to offer additional grip.
  • With a guide price of a little under $60, you get a great bit of gear, yet the tether hole is small, and your lanyard would need to be the right size. In contrast, the pole offers lengths suitable for two water depths and a pole with a decent thickness.

It is suited to smaller boats and kayaks as there are reports of breakage on larger vessels.

Power-Pole 8' Ultra-Lite Spike

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4. Power-Pole 8′ Ultra-Lite Spike – Best Anchor pole for Kayak

The 8-foot Power pole uses the Lightweight HollowCore Technology, which in use is impressive.

It comes with a comfortable and effective handle to use the yak pole as a great push pole. For strength, it can hold an admirable 1,500 pounds in 7 1/2 feet of water.

Features and Benefits

  • The gear comes with 6 feet of dock line lanyard tether measuring 3/8″, which is already attached to the pole.
  • The pole works with a related Power-Pole Micro Spike Driver for a precise positioning alternative.
  • The 8-foot 3/4 fiberglass stake-out poles are among the best for alternative tethering methods such as a spike driver.

For anglers who need a stake-out pole, they can use it in a couple of ways; you can’t find any better water anchor of this length that can secure you in mud up to 8 feet. With a pole guide price of just under $110, you are paying more, yet using a driver on your yak means the tips can secure you without a tether mount, and you could use the attached stake-out pole hands-free.

YakAttack ParkNPole Link 8 Foot

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5. YakAttack ParkNPole Link 8 Foot, 2 Piece Stakeout / Push Pole

This is lightweight, exceptionally durable, and makes the ideal companion for fishing in shallow water.

Many user reviews claim they can use it on 15-foot kayaks with amazing results. However, to connector would be a weak point in strong tides or currents. All poles are handmade from forms of fiberglass and UV-rated wear-resistant nylon on the handle and tip.

Features and Benefits

  • No rope is included, so you’d have to check your tether could fit through the hole.
  • The pole is easy to carry and store on your yak as it is a two-piece offering. Constructed from specially formed fiberglass and UV stabilized handle and tip.
  • The pole will float, so if the end comes off, you have a chance of recovery.
  • Although 8 feet long and highly durable, the pole is lightweight at 1.8 lbs.

With a guide price of just over $100, it cost more than its one-piece brother but offers the same features and more, considering you have ease of transportation.

The stake out pole comes with a built-for-life guarantee, yet it would be better if there were clips and a lanyard included for the price.

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Best Kayak Stake Out Poles Buying Guide

Pick a Pole For Water Depth

Pick a stakeout pole that corresponds to the water’s depth. The best models are six to eight feet long. A light, stiff pole with a machined point for piercing sand and mud is ideal.

Mount Your Stakeout Pole On Your Kayak

Locate a secure mounting point on the kayak. It’s difficult to store a stakeout pole. When not in use, secure the pole horizontally to the deck using a paddle holder or bungees. Some models come with additional clips to make fixing easier. (Find the Best Kayak Covers For Outdoor Storage)

Find a Soft Bottom and Drive the Pole in Deep

When the pointed tip of the pole detects a soft bottom, slam it into it while shaking and turning the pole to push it deeper into the sand. In most cases, 10 to 12 inches of depth should suffice. Before tying off, make sure the pole will hold the kayak in the current and wind.


Tips to Master Stakeout Poles

In poor conditions, use two stakeout poles, one on the bow and one in the stern, for greater boat control in poor weather. It makes it easier to use two poles when an anchor trolley is rigged on each side of the kayak.

To get the most out of your kayak anchor trolley, push your anchor pin through the trolley. It’s best not to poke your stakeout pole through the scupper holes with your kayak stakeout pole.

The best way to use your kayak stakeout pole is with your anchor trolley. You can maneuver yourself in the correct direction after it is through the ring, much like when you use your kayak anchor.


There is just one type of material that is suitable for anchoring in shallow water. Fiberglass. Other materials like PVC, carbon fiber, plastic, and wood exist, but they don’t perform well. A fiberglass stakeout pole will keep your kayak in place in tides or currents.

Diameter, Length and Weight

Most of us will need a stakeout pole roughly 7 ft long, 3/4 inch in diameter, and made of lightweight material like fiberglass. (Read Best Way To Store Kayak In Garage)

It is usual for stake-out poles to be used in 2-4 feet of water with muddy or sandy bottoms. So, it would help if you had a stakeout pole roughly 7ft tall and light. Any shorter, and you risk not looking for a good hold, and any longer, you risk snapping your pole.

Regarding weight, we only recommend a bigger stakeout pole if you anchor near hard-to-puncture bottoms or swift currents.

What’s the Bottom Line?

When testing all the stake-out poles here, it was clear the Shallow Water Anchor Pin would come out on top. It features a robust tip, the pole length is ideal, and you add the mounting clips and the tether cord.

Besides this, it offers much better performance and can cope with larger boats than other poles tested. (Learn How To Attach An Anchor To A Kayak)

With 7 feet, you can use the pole in deep waters, and the way you attach the line, you have little worry of losing your line and your pole as you fish.

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